AFP Interview President Assad: “I am framed by the 100% Fabricated Chemical Attack

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ASSAD says chemical attack 100 percent fabricated.

Mr President, did you give an order to strike Khan Sheikhoun with chemical weapons last Tuesday ?

So what happened Tuesday ?

So who according to you is responsible about this allegated chemical attack ?

These and more questions were made in an interview by AFP Agence France-Presse to President Bashar al-Assad.

Syria’s Assad says Idlib chemical attack ‘fabrication’: AFP interview

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said an alleged poison gas attack blamed on his government last week in Idlib province was “100 percent fabrication” used to justify a U.S. air strike, news agency AFP reported on Thursday.

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Transcript of exclusive AFP interview with Syria’s Assad Damascus: In the following AFP interview with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, the questions were asked in English and he replied in English.

As War Drums Beat for Syria, Remember, Lies And Propaganda Started Nearly Every War In US History – To Get Around the Obstacle of Public Opinion, the US Has an Extensive History of Lying Their Way Into War

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Pentagon Admits They Have No Evidence on Syria Chemical Attack—Threatens War Anyway – As President Trump tweets his Americans into World War III over a gas attack that is most likely staged, the Pentagon admits they have no evidence to prove their claims

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