After 12 months of tracking, I’m finally saving money

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by Patriankka

I’ve been tracking since September 2017. On a paper. Being aware how many times I go to grocery store and how much I spend on crap I don’t need. This allowed me to put money into things I have to pay, or want to pay. Leading to all my debts being paid off. PF has been a strong force for me, just reading of stories and getting to realize that at the age of 27 I need to plan for my future.

Then in October I started using YNAB which is great too.

Here’s how my budget looks like. To me it’s pretty neat, but I could use some ideas where to adjust.

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Fixed Expenses

Food 300

Rent 300

Transport 74,70

Phone 40

Gym 19,90

Electricity 15

Youtube 11,99

Total 761,59


Variable Expenses

Misc/Surprises 100

Pharmacy 40

Donations 10

Total 150



Gigs’n’stuff 20

Floating 80

Total 100



Emergency fund 344,205

New laptop 344,205

Total 688,41

Total Income 1700€.

My strategy for now is four-piece. First 10% into emergency fund, then 10% into savings. After that what ever I want to do or buy that month. In December that’s one gig and an hour in a sensory deprivation tank. Lastly I pay all the bills and budget for food and else. If there’s something left, I go back to beginning and put 10% into savings etc. Budgeting for a laptop is quite aggressive since I don’t have one and I need it for school. Around here we don’t have 401k’s and whatnot. I’ll look more deeply into retirement savings, and investing, after establishing emergency fund.

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This plan follows mostly my spending habits past year, except the savings category.

What have I missed and where could I adjust? My goal is financial independency.


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