After $15M budget cut, Portland Police still struggling to hire – they think yoga will help

Nearly two years after a $15 million budget cut, the Portland Police Bureau is still struggling to hire new officers and retain current staff. PPB’s $254 million proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year would restore about $15.3 million to its operating budget—nearly the same amount cut in June of 2020.

That budget also includes an intriguing strategy to boost office morale: meditation workshops, in-house mental health counseling, and the opportunity to become a certified yoga coach while working at the bureau.

Amount requested: $915,000 in one-time funding.

What it’s for: Expanding PPB’s wellness program, established in 2018. Currently, bureau employees—sworn and non-sworn—are allotted one hour per workday for “individual wellness activities” to increase physical, mental, emotional, social and financial health.

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In this proposal, $115,000 would be allocated to a coaching certification program whereby bureau staff could become certified trainers “in the areas of personal interest, such as meditation, fitness, nutrition, yoga, and personal finance,” according to budget documents. Once certified in a chosen area, the employee would become a “peer coach” who could offer “guidance and support” to colleagues based on that certification.


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