After Meryl Streep’s Sick Anti-Trump Rant, 2007 Video Surfaces That’ll Shut Her Up REAL Fast…

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by Faeluna
If you actually do five seconds of research you can easily figure out that Donald Trump didn’t mock a reporter because of his disability.
He mocked a reporter the same way he has mocked several different people including Ted Cruz.
In fact, it’s pretty clear that Trump didn’t even know about the disability.
But, we all know that the liberal media isn’t really big on doing their due diligence.
They also aren’t really big on being consistent with their arguments.
Last night, Hollywood had some awards show to congratulate themselves and Meryl Streep thought it would be a good time to remind the world why everyone hates Hollywood.
Her lame attempt to bash Trump was something she had a right to do. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t really silly.
There was definitely some hypocrisy at play.
For starters, Streep gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation in 2003. She left that out of her little speech.
Secondly, I don’t remember Streep being outraged when Barack Obama actually did mock mentally disabled people.

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No media outrage there and it was far worse than what Trump did.
Meryl, stick to acting.
Here’s even more of the evidence that basically disproves everything Meryl said.
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The reporter doesn’t even display the mannerisms that Trump was allegedly mocking.
This thing is totally made up by the media and Meryl fell for it because she doesn’t care enough to look it up herself.
Come on people.
Gavin McInnes had a great take as usual.
Check it out. Warning: It’s not for the faint of heart.


2 thoughts on “After Meryl Streep’s Sick Anti-Trump Rant, 2007 Video Surfaces That’ll Shut Her Up REAL Fast…

  1. Streep was acting, and this performance will not win an Oscar. For once I’d like these people to take a serious look at what Hillary and Obama did to Libya and Syria and dare to compare that with any comments Trump made. I suppose if you’re an actor, words are the most important things of all. To the rest of us, the realities of life, up to and including getting murdered or displaced, are much more important. Frankly I don’t think they venture outside of their bubble. The world is too dirty for them.

  2. The movie actors cannot accept that their money backing Hillary was a waste. Trump is U.S. President and he did not spend as much as Hillary to become the President. Trump won the popular vote also. Illegals that voted for Hillary should not count. All the illegal tricks could not put Hillary in the WH. The people voted!!!

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