AI poses a serious potential threat to humanity, and we need to take that threat seriously before it's too late.

Robots gone wild: Scientists have duty to protect mankind from artificial intelligence

The clock is ticking for the world of science to take the necessary steps to protect mankind from the deleterious effects of artificial intelligence, which is increasing by leaps and bounds.

As someone who is old enough to remember a world without the internet and smartphones, I am also young enough to wonder where the human race is heading as computers ‘evolve’ into the unchartered territory of artificial intelligence (AI).
For example, a recent report by AP shows that in an increasing number of local and state courtrooms around America, “judges are now guided by computer algorithms before ruling whether criminal defendants can return to everyday life, or remain locked up awaiting trial.”

The report went to say that “AI is reshaping, if not eliminating, some of judges’ most basic tasks — many of which can still have enormous consequences for the people involved.”

I believe scientists and inventors in this specific tech field have a very poor track record when it comes to foreseeing what their achievements will eventually lead to.
I don’t expect much help from them personally. But I agree that something needs to be done.
Before it’s too late.
h/t AS