AI Researchers Closing In On Being Able To Read Your Thoughts Through Something Called ‘Brain Transparency’

by Geoffrey Grider


Reading someone’s mind is not possible, or is it? Recent advances in AI technology have made the living human brain transparent and is already now able to link patterns of brain activity to thoughts.

The futurist sci-fi movie ‘Minority Report‘ is on the verge of becoming a documentary as advances in science and AI take a screaming leap forward. We have Freedom of Speech here in America at the moment, but do we need to be more worried about freedom of thought?

People are convicted and put in jail all the time for attempted crimes even if the actual crime was never even attempted. Remember ‘To Catch A Predator‘ with Chris Hanson? Go watch a few episodes of that and see people go to jail for chatting online with an adult decoy pretending to be an under age teenager. The men show up at the decoy house, get arrested and do time where no crime was actually committed, and no teenager was ever involved. So why are they found guilty then? Because they thought about it.

Now take that same idea, and apply it to you. Maybe you’re a Liberal reading this, and you are filled with rage and fury over your intense hatred of President Trump. In your mind, you concieve all sorts of ways to kill him. Then someone invites you to a Trump rally and you go, your head filled with thoughts about killing Trump. As you pass the AI security station, your thoughts are read which show you as someone planning to kill the president. The fact that you showed up at a rally is conclusive ‘proof ‘ you intended to act on your thoughts. Just like the men on ‘To Catch A Predator’ you have been caught even though you didn’t actually do anything. Workers in China, right now, are being forced to have their brains wired and monitored as part of their daily job requirements. When the EEG shows unfavorable brain activity they are sent home. Just imagine what will be done to them when actual thoughts can be read!

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That’s the future that is coming for all of us if the Lord tarries much longer, a scary, frightening world controlled by algorithm and outcome predictability scenarios. Go back and rewatch ‘Minority Report’ and refresh your brain about the message being sent there. Nearly all of those things are now part of our society.

‘Brain TRANSPARENCY’ AI expert warns against LOSING JOBS over THOUGHTS

FROM THE EXPRESS UK: Professor Nita Farahany has detailed her fears artificial intelligence in the workplace could lead to the loss of jobs over employees thoughts. She revealed how more and more companies are looking into the idea of making electroencephalography (EEG) devices a compulsory part of their uniform. The wearable headset, which can be used to monitor alertness, productivity and mental state, is already being used in China.

Train drivers on the Beijing – Shanghai high-speed rail are required to wear the technology, and, according to some reports, in government-run factories in China, the employees are required to wear EEG sensors to monitor their productivity too.

Workers are even sent home if their brains show less-than-stellar concentration on their jobs or emotional agitation.

Professor Farahany fears the increasing number of worldwide interest in the technology could lead to people being fired just for their thoughts. She asked at a recent TedTalks event: “In a world of total brain transparency, who would dare have a political dissident or creative thought?

“I worry that people will self-censor in fear of being ostracised by society, or that people will lose their jobs because of their waning attention or emotional instability, or because they’re contemplating collective action against their employers.

“That coming out will no longer be an option, because people’s brains will long ago have revealed their sexual orientation, their political ideology or their religious preferences, well before they were ready to consciously share that information with other people.

“I worry about the ability of our laws to keep up with technological change. Take the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which protects freedom of speech. Does it also protect freedom of thought?”

Ms Farahany, who is a professor in law and philosophy, was speaking at a TedTalks event in November 2018. READ MORE

Cognitive Liberty – Nita Farahany

Nita Farahany M.A.’04, J.D.’04, Ph.D.’06, Director of Duke Science & Society and professor of law and philosophy, explains the impact of emerging technologies on society and the law.

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