Air Force Admits to Spending $10,000, a Piece on TOILET SEAT COVERS for a Cargo Plane

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When there isn’t anyone counting the free tax dollars flowing in, its easy to see how the Pentagon has gone from $2.3 trillion to over $9 trillion U.S. tax dollars. Lost, can’t find, don’t know where it went? Looks like some in up in the toilet and the rest in a bank account somewhere? Why is the U.S. having debt problems? Wasted and unaccounted spending by the military industrial complex, for anything and everything. Easy to spend other peoples money.

The Air Force has admitted to spending a whopping $10,000, a piece, to replace toilet seat covers, in an expense that is being widely criticized, on a Vietnam-era C-5 Galaxy cargo plane. The reasoning behind the astronomical price tag is that the plane is no longer in production, so custom parts come at a custom price, with the government purchasing the latrine covers at that cost at least three times- and as recently as just last year. The Washington Post reports Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, lashed out at the Defense Department over what he called a ‘spare parts rip-off’ in a letter to the DoD’s Inspector General Glenn Fine.

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Grassley is pushing for an investigation into the exorbitant expenditure on the latrine parts and is criticizing the assistant Air Force secretary of acquisition, technology and logistics, Will Roper. In the letter, which he made public last week, he wrote: ‘Thanks to Mr. Roper… we now have, some 30 years later, an on-the-record updated price for a new airborne toilet-related item — $10,000, and that’s just for the cover.’

He called the expense ‘not credible’ and ‘in need of scrutiny.’

The part is described by the Air Force as a ‘cover-center wall, troop compartment latrine . . . required:…plane.html

The Real Reason the Pentagon is “missing” 10 TRILLION Dollars

Current estimates clock the Pentagons missing cash from 8-10 trillion. Where did it go? What is it being used for? Veterans left cold in the streets homeless with nothing to eat while trillions of dollars meant for these men, is in someone’s pocket who is full of sin! May God have mercy on the men/women in uniform who have betrayed their fellow soldier for greed!


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