Airlines Begin Huge JOB CUTS! High Unemployment Now Permanent as Economy Collapses!

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This is what you get when you allow central banks to rule. They dominate and eviscerate. People don’t realize it. They beg for more stimulus. And yet, that stimulus is really just a distraction for what they’re really doing and this is taking it all for themselves. They’re consuming everything in their path. Be careful what you wish for.

The economy has been showing major signs of weakness to a point where simply it can’t recover from. The solution? Print more money and deficit spending. What a joke. What an unfortunate joke it is. The markets are being juiced and that is only creating a massive dislocation that cannot be fixed by even more debt. The day of reckoning that many have warned about is almost a worry for those who are unprepared. 


Are Unconventional Monetary Policies a Priced Risk Factor for Hedge Fund Strategies? by Massimo Guidolin, Alexei G. Orlov :: SSRN

Mortgage rates set another record low

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American Airlines says it needs to shed 25,000 jobs by Oct. 1 | SEC Proposes Amendments to Update Form 13F for Institutional Investment Managers; Amend Reporting Threshold to Reflect Today’s Equities Markets



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