Alabama Introduces Anti-Censorship Act- Big Tech Shitting their pants

This is a very underreported story, probably because it just happened. Alabama State Rep.Chip Brown and multiple co-sponsors have introduced the Anti Censorship Act which would prevent any corporation providing an online public forum from censoring speech (unless it involves direct calls for violence) if said corporation receives any tax dollars or economic incentives from the state.

The Facebook data center in Huntsville receives more than $80 million alone in tax credits. If this passes in Alabama, other states will adopt. Facebook will cave quickly and the BS political censorship will end or they’ll risk losing BILLIONS across the country in tax abatements. Amazon will also cave because without tax breaks, they aren’t a profitable company.

Time to hit em where it hurts! Pass this bill ASAP!
Shown Here:
Introduced in House (07/25/2019)

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Stop the Censorship Act

This bill limits a social media company’s immunity from liability for screening and blocking offensive content on its platform. The bill applies such immunity when the company restricts content that is unlawful rather than merely objectionable.

Under current law, such immunity also applies to actions taken to enable or make available the technical means to restrict access to material that is objectionable. The bill instead specifies that this immunity applies to actions taken to (1) make available the technical means to restrict access to material that is unlawful, or (2) provide users with the option to restrict access to any material.





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