Alabama Judge Blocks Transgender Medication to Kids

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by Chris Black

Not exactly breaking news, but this flew under my radar: Trump appointed judge in Alabama thwarts the will of the people and blocks a law passed that banned prescribing puberty blockers, opposite sex hormones, and steroids to small children.

Can judges overturn laws saying you need to be 21 to buy alcohol?

18 to get a tattoo?

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If the incentives were there they would, and whether they are Republican or Democrat doesn’t matter.

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What if an 8 year old wants to be a bodybuilder, can a doctor prescribe testosterone to them?

What if the 8 year old says they are going to kill themselves if they’re not allowed to assume their novel identity as a super brolic child?

What do the people who run America do other than lie about white people, try to groom and castrate children, and send weapons to Ukraine?

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That’s all that’s going on in a nation of 330 million.


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