Alan Greenspan says there are two bubbles: A stock market bubble and a bond market bubble (but missed the housing bubble)

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by Anthony B Sanders
Alan Greenspan, who didn’t think there was a housing bubble, now thinks there is a stock market bubble.
Yes, “Maestro” didn’t see a housing bubble and did nothing to stop it. And then it popped.
Other than Greenspan’s inability to spot a massive housing bubble, …
Greenspan is worried about poor labor productivity …
And unit labor costs.
He is also worried about the budget deficits (although many economists said that budget deficits were not a problem under Obama when they exceeded $1 trillion for several years, but suddenly NOW they are a problem? As Meryl Streep uttered in Death Becomes Her, “NOW a warning?”
Well, at least Alan Greenspan is “Bonded.”
old greenspan
Today was Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s last meeting. Be careful on that wing, Janet!

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