Alan Sabrosky on this week’s censorship avalanche: NYT, Jeremy Corbyn, Roger Waters, Alain Soral, D. Icke, Louis Farrakan, AJ…who’s next

By Kevin Barrett – May 4, 2019

This week the West got buried beneath an avalanche of censorship. Can you guess who was behind it?

Hint: Here are some of the news stories about the week’s superficially unrelated cases of censorship:

Facebook bans “dangerous extremists”

French intellectual sent to prison for a cartoon

Los Angeles Aero theatre bans David Icke film

Republicans rally to quash panel discussion at U. Mass

Florida bill outlaws criticizing a certain powerful group

Jeremy Corbyn targeted for mentioning who owns the banks (and the West)

New York Times forced to apologize and pull truthful and accurate cartoon

80-year-old grandma imprisoned since 2016 for discussing history

In every single one of these cases, and in hundreds of similar cases, the annihilation of free thought and free speech in the West is being perpetrated by the same group.

Can you guess who these people are?

Can you think of any ways to eliminate their influence from public life so we can re-establish the Bill of Rights?