Alarming Report Showing Pfizer Vaccination Extortion Highlights Influence Big Pharma and Multinationals asking for military bases and assets

by Sundance 

An excellent independent news report from WION points out the extortion Pfizer is conducting in order to leverage their own financial interests in various countries around the globe.  As outlined in the expose’,  The U.S. pharma company is asking for military bases and sovereign assets as guarantee for vaccines delivery.

We have noted how the U.S. government has moved to merge ideological interests with Big Tech to control information.  In this report about Pfizer,  you see the same merging of government and the pharmaceutical industry to advance their collective interests.  There is a word for government and corporations working together to control society…

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BIG PICTURE – While the specifics of this report focus on multinational corporation Pfizer and the control over the COVID vaccine, it is worth remembering the same type of influence operation happens in other industries.  That is an outcome of the world being driven by government and multinational corporations working together.

What Big Pharma is to global medicines, specifically vaccines, Big Agriculture is to global food production, in every sector.

What Pfizer is doing to extort nations to maximize their profit, so too is Monsanto or Cargill operating on the same premise.  A lemon costs you .89 cents because they want it to cost you .89 cents; not because a ‘free market’ prices it at .89 cents.   The multinationals have long passed the place where ‘free markets’ exist.  Everything is now a controlled market.  {Go Deep}




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