Alberta ER doctor says hospital capacity crisis was ‘created,’ has nothing to do with COVID-19

The problem has been going on for six years, Dr. Gary Davidson says.
“So, about six years ago, we had a government come in and about two years into their mandate they started cutting positions in our department,” claimed Davidson. Hospital capacity numbers are manipulated by AHS

“And the day before lockdown, I texted one of my political friends and I said, we [Alberta] must be heading into lockdown because the numbers are starting to drop,” Davidson said in the video.

“As soon they drop, they put us in lockdown, so it looks like a lockdown fixed everything, and they’ve done this every time,” he continued. “I know, because I see the numbers. And so, you know that if you’re into one and a half days or two days into a drop, you’re going to have a lockdown because it gets better then, of course, it fixed it.”

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