Alert 200% Proof They Are Ready To Enforce Martial Law in America 2020 Economic Collapse Video

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Shocking video about the coming martial law to America:

Last month, governors started calling up for national guard units, raising suspicions about their true intentions. The Pentagon seems to have insisted for the soldiers to remain determinedly ready for the command of the governors who requested their presence, and they have affirmed that these troops are not going to be used for any federal “secret missions” or the enforcement of the “martial law”, which sounded very questionable since we are running towards a scenario where the crisis is getting out of control and becoming a risk for the progression of the government.
However, according to a Newsweek report, their statements didn’t turn out to be true and – not surprisingly – it seems The Pentagon lied to cover up their actual purpose, or at least to buy some time to obstruct the public’s reactions.

A few weeks ago, it was only a rumor that a joint national guard task force was being created and positioned at the capital area with the “secret” mission of enforcing martial law in Washington DC and assisting lawmakers and top government officials to leave town if things get out of hand. But by now, this force is 10,000 soldiers strong and it’s at a 24/7 vigilance.
The Joint Task Force-National Capital Region, also known by its initials JTF-NCR, reports directly to the Secretary of Defense and it’s operating at full speed, contradicting The Pentagon’s assurances. Units that hadn’t been assigned for the outbreak’s support are being redirected to stay alert and available for the government’s command.
Additionally, a number of members of the Illinois 106th Aviation Battalion were assembled under a federal statute that placed them directly under the Secretary of Defense’s orders. Alongside with the soldiers, several Black Hawk helicopters were shipped out of Illinois’ armory, Decatur, last month.
A local Illinois newspaper provided one of the first hints of this undercover mission after reporting about the convocation of Illinois National Guard forces, who were being deployed at Fort Belvoir, outside Washington DC. Apart from the standard predicted activities, the report noticed that the unit had been delegated to do some pretty unusual tasks, such as evacuating officials, lawmakers and members of the judiciary aboard 106th Aviation Regiment helicopters.
After that, Newsweek published a very intriguing article that even included information on who would be the Major General in charge of effectively securing the capital district if martial law were imposed. According to their sources, differently from regular missions where guardsmen are activated under “Title 32” orders – which are under gubernatorial control, but paid for by the federal government -, the joint force of the 106th was activated under “Title 10” orders, an extremely strict federal duty – as if they were going to war. This is typically the order given to soldiers when they are going to be shipped off to Afghanistan or Iraq. But now, the warzone seems to be in Washington, DC.
Consequently, it is known that the Illinois 106th Aviation Battalion’s helicopters will be used to evacuate everyone, from Army leaders to White House members, as Cpt. Adam Kowalski of the Illinois Guard states and I quote: “We are that quick reaction force that allows us to help mobilize forces within the Washington DC area, evacuate people, or whatever that might be. We’re kind of like that big taxicab that makes sure everybody gets where they need to be and keeps the government going.” Sounding as if they already have everything figured out and they are only waiting to strike – and they have.

It is said the soldiers and commanders in the unit have been studying the Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan (JEEP) – a national plan to move Defense Department officials to alternative locations outside the Washington area -, and ATLAS – a project that designates the procedures for the movement of civilian leaders, ensuring the survival of legislative and judiciary members. In addition to these plans, highly classified Octagon, Freejack and Zodiac strategies will be used to deal with other emergencies, and the movement of the White House and other presidential successors.
Subsequently, the activation orders of JTF-NCR on March 16, had put operation plans under Major General Omar J. Jones IV commands. After organizational changes that happened after 9/11, he was nominated the commander of this task force, which was created when the government realized there wasn’t a single command in charge of immediate response in Washington and a “interagency” organization was needed to ensure the continuity of government and implement disaster plans. Read the full transcript here:



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