ALERT: A Turncoat Has Secretly Been Manipulating Employment In The Trump White House.

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by Pamela Williams
You have never heard of this man!  His name is Johnny DeStefano…sounds like Mafia, doesn’t he?  He is the head of personnel and policy for President Donald Trump, and he has blocked Trump supporters from the White House.  He has the job of deciding who will work in the Trump Administration, and he has been using this power to gather forces against Trump.  President Trump is literally surrounded by Never Trumpers!
Mike Cernovich’s publication called the MEDIUM reports this shocking story.  One source told Cernovich the following:
“ I was told that I have a permanent position, moved to that position, was given a new email address, but my paperwork says I am still on a 120 appointment that expires on the 20th. Half of the original Trump supporters here are in the same boat as me, the other half were told that they would not be re-appointed. So that 15% number (hopefully not, in my case) may be even lower.”
May 22 will be a May Day Massacre according to Cernovich!
Another source tells Cernovich:
Even pro-Trump interns are being blocked!
“Hey Mike. I was a Trump field rep in [a swing state which Trump narrowly carried]. I wrote recommendations for several college kids for the WH internship.
I guess I should have written that they were never trumpers as opposed to volunteers from before the primary.”
Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel would know something about how to hire the best people. Yet multiple sources confirm Thiel has been completely shut out by DeStefano. And Thiel is a very good friend of President Trump!  It is said he will soon make a visit to the White House.
President Trump has said that “loyalty” is the most important quality in an employee or a friend.  He is looking at his worst nightmare.  Does he even know it?  How could he not? Who is really behind this Judas kiss?
Pfeiffer of the Daily Caller exclusively reported back in March:
Brian Hook, a Trump critic and former Bush administration official, is currently serving as the State Department’s director of policy planning, The Daily Caller has learned.
Foreign Policy’s John Hudson observed that Hook despised Trump.
“My wife said ‘never,’” Hook told Politico in May. “Even if you say you support him as the nominee, you go down the list of his positions and you see you disagree on every one.”
Since taking over at State, Brian Hook has pulled the security clearances of several of Trump’s most loyal supporters, putting America’s national security at risk.
But it gets much worse.  I have read that McMasters secretly plots against Trump, and it seems to be true.  This is absolutely shocking, as this is all happening out in the open, but before Cernovich got ahold of it, most of us did not know.
DeStefano has been coordinating with H.R. McMaster to “Make The NSC Democrat Again.”  McMaster is quoted as saying, ”We need to professionalize the NSC, and that means bringing in more Democrats.”
What are we going to do?  How did this DeStefano get in the White House door?  Who was behind his hiring? Does President Trump know him personally?
It goes on to get even worse!
Scott Garrett who is to take a high level position at the Export-Import Bank had this to say about Trump:
Scott Garrett called Trump vile and said he should resign in disgrace.  He goes on to say Mike Pence would be a better President.
Is that the plan?  Are they planning on replacing Trump with Pence?

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7 thoughts on “ALERT: A Turncoat Has Secretly Been Manipulating Employment In The Trump White House.

  1. This is what happens when one is addicted to tweeting all night with his backdoor ajar. Trump’s folly and verbosity is unbearably infuriating.

    • All you are doing is parroting the leftist meme. Trump doesn’t have to be like all the POTUS’s before him. So what if he tweets? A great many of our country don’t get much past their Google/FaceBook/Twitter accounts and he can reach them. Most important he has no shills interpreting his words.

  2. So if we think we are so informed on this why isn’t Trump? Surely Kellyanne, or any of the other close staff aren’t being shielded from web browsing?

    • Honestly, I cannot figure it out. If I did not trust Cernovich, I would find this unbelievable, but it is factual.

      • Time will tell. The whole Kabuki theater that is going on is beyond my pay grade to figure out. Obstructionist congress; lying, insulting media; whiny, insulting Hollywood, etc. All this because a lying, murdering woman lost. Pathetic.

  3. Trump understands the depth and breadth of the jewi$h ‘swamp monster’. President Trump has my support.

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