ALERT: Arizona sets COVID-19 records today with case and hospitalization increases… Hospitals in Mumbai and New Delhi, are overflowing

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Arizona sets COVID-19 records with case, treatment increases

PHOENIX – Arizona reported a new daily record of nearly 3,600 additional COVID-19 cases on Tuesday as the state continued to set records for the number of people hospitalized, in intensive care and on ventilators because of the disease.

The state Department of Health Service reported 3,591 additional COVID-19 cases, breaking the latest record reported last Friday by 345 cases. A total of nearly 7,900 additional cases were reported Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

The department said 2,136 patients were hospitalized for the new virus as of Monday, 614 were in intensive care beds and 386 were on ventilators.

Tuesday’s report raised the state’s total to 58,179, while 42 additional deaths reported Tuesday raised the death toll to 1,384.

Arizona has emerged as a COVID-19 hot spot since Republican Gov. Doug Ducey lifted his stay-home orders in mid-May. Last week he allowed cities and counties to require masks in public places to slow the virus’ spread and many have done so.



India Reports Record Spike In COVID-19 Cases, But Nixes Another Nationwide Lockdown

India reported a record spike in coronavirus cases Thursday, even as the prime minister ruled out a new nationwide lockdown.

With 12,881 new infections registered, it’s the first time India’s daily tally has exceeded 12,000. For most of this week, only the United States and Brazil have been adding more new cases daily.

The Health Ministry confirmed a total of 160,384 active cases Thursday, and 12,237 deaths since the pandemic began — in a population of nearly 1.4 billion. But testing rates are very low.

India, Pakistan Record Big Jump In Coronavirus Cases
India, Pakistan Record Big Jump In Coronavirus Cases
Hospitals in the biggest cities, Mumbai and New Delhi, are overflowing. Social media is flooded with desperate pleas from families searching for COVID-19 tests and hospital beds. Patients, unable to get admitted, have died in parking lots outside clinics and hospitals.

India has about one doctor per 1,500 citizens. In rural areas, where two-thirds of Indians live and rely almost solely on government hospitals, the ratio is one doctor to more than 10,000 people. The World Health Organization’s standard is one doctor per 1,000 residents.

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