Conservative Commentator Turns the Left’s Cancel Culture Campaign Against Itself

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How a Conservative Commentator Turned the Left’s Cancel Culture Campaign Against Itself
Matt VespaMatt Vespa| @mvespa1|Posted: Jun 22, 2020

( – The left-wing mob is recharged and totally insane. They’re back on this cancel culture nonsense. They’re tearing down statues of historical figures they view as problematic. There is no reasoning with them. They’re the intellectual al-Qaeda of our time. You don’t negotiate with terrorists. As Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, and Roosevelt are being targeted, two things are clear. This has never been about Confederate statues, folks. This has been centered on the Left’s hatred of America and its history and the bizarre fetish to rewrite it through a woke paradigm where no nuance is afforded to anyone. The far-left loony code of ethics, for lack of a better term, is retroactively applied here. It’s utterly insane.

Now, granted, I admit that the Left had a good PR move here. The Confederacy isn’t all that popular, of course. By targeting them, they’ve created a campaign that puts every historical figure at risk. It was never going to stop with Jackson, Lee, or Davis. Never. This was the flank march, the backdoor maneuver to smash all the people.

As you already know, the statue of former President Ulysses S. Grant was torn down. American history has dark periods. The Confederacy, for better or worse, is part of that narrative. It must be defended, so yes—I will defend all the statues because the alternative is what we’re seeing now: A roving band of historically illiterate morons whose main goal is destruction and nothing else.

Conservative commentator Jesse Kelly has decided to bring the war home for these clowns, compiling a list of institutions that should be canceled due to the Left’s new rules on this matter. If you’re a member of the liberal elite, you should be ashamed. The entire Ivy League was built on racism. Granted, some of you knew this already. New York City was named after James, the Duke of York, and eventual King of England (James II), who, along with his brother, King Charles II, created a global monopoly on the slave trade. William M. Rice, who founded Rice University, wanted the institution to be “whites only.” Elihu Yale, who founded Yale University, was a slave trader as well. Oh, and you bet some liberals were not happy with Kelly making fun of them…

It seems if cancel culture is to be executed fully, then the bastions of liberal power must be the first to go. For liberals, this is not how it’s supposed to work, right? Yeah, but these are your rules. Rice must be renamed or destroyed, as does Yale. New York City might have to be torn down completely. Again, we didn’t make up these rules. You people did. #CancelYale is now trending, and Kelly should do a victory lap for turning this idiotic fetish among American liberals against itself.



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