by Pamela Williams
ALERT AMERICA:  Outgoing (thank God) President Obama had a joint FBI and DHS report created to give him the “evidence” he needed of Russian hacking, but THERE IS NO EVIDENCE PRESENT in the said report.  EX-NSA Director Willaim Binney also mentioned the disclaimer on said report:  He said the report does not give any evidence of Russian hacking, and we must remember that Obama has already started retaliation measures.
Here we have an EX-NSA DIRECTOR WILLIAM BINNEY saying the report is generic with no EVIDENCE! I did a report on this just the other day ago, and Binney is saying exactly what I was saying!
Binney is saying the following:

The ex-NSA director did not find the report produced this week by the FBI and DHS convincing. “It is simply an outline of how a phishing attack occurs, that’s all it was to me. It didn’t prove anything to me. It didn’t give the IP addresses, the Mac numbers or any other details about them,” he explained, adding “it also didn’t show how they hacked in, and how they ex-filtrated the data, how much data they took,” or how it was consequently passed on to the Russian government.They didn’t show any of that trace routing. And that’s what they should have shown to prove it,” he stressed.
Then there is the very peculiar disclaimer on the report warning that it has been published “for informational purposes only, which Binney says is proof that the document was never meant to be anything other than an instruction manual on how to carry out an attack.”

Published on Jan 1, 2017
SO, what can Obama do now that he has made an unprecedented move against Russia without no real proof of Russian hacking? The report was meant to provide the American public with proof that Russia had hacked the DNC to influence the US election. While it failed to do this, it did serve as the Obama administration’s justification for expelling 35 Russian diplomats and their families from the United States. This move made by Obama was embarrassing to the American people.  Now we discover the report simply failed at presenting proof the Russia hacked the US.
What can Obama do next to correct these allegations against Russia? Any suggestions? The Internet is beginning to realize Obama’s report has no evidence in it. If this becomes the consensus of Americans, what is Obama going to do to make this abhorrent mess go away?
In my opinion, he needs to do the following:
1. He first needs to apologize to Russia and the American people via press conference. Not going to happen.
2. He needs to reopen the two Russian compounds to Russia.
3. He made an executive order that enabled him to expell the diplomats from their homes, so he should be able to make another executive order to allow them back.
4. He needs to call off any cyber attacks on Russia NOW! He needs to act quickly.
In my opinion a cyberattack on another Country is an act of war. Since EX-CIA Director William Binney said there is no evidence in the report that shows Russia hacked the US, plus a cyber expert n the video I have posted says the same as Binney. Obama should admit now there IS NO EVIDENCE IN THE REPORT and retract what he said about cyber actions aimed at Russia. We have to remember, too, the NSA is the gatekeeper of all that occurs on the Internet. They need to confirm the report or reject it NOW. There is no time to waste!