DISGUSTING! French women told they're longer no allowed to enter cafes, shops or go out

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If they won’t vote for Le Pen I have zero sympathy for them. Same goes w/ Germanistan and Merkele.

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35 thoughts on “DISGUSTING! French women told they're longer no allowed to enter cafes, shops or go out

    • No, it’s more dangerous than that. Islam is a Theocracy. It is BOTH a “religion” of submission and Government through the Umdat al-Sadik, or their “constitution” the Sharia Law book. You already have been garrisoned and a foreign government set up by all the mosques put in your territories. That is as true in the US, as it is in France, Germany, UK, EU, Indonesia, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia.
      In the US, Islam violates Amendment VI, that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land, because to a muslim, Sharia is, and they show so by having their own sharia law courts and government IN the US, UK and EU.
      White people are sometimes tolerant enough to be seen as dumb as a bag of rocks.
      Jihad by the word all you want, I’ll quote your religious texts as necessary, even though I do so with respect to Islam. I agree with it more than I have found anything to disagree with it.

  1. This video would have had more credence if the women hadn’t been in what seems to be a predominantly mudslime area. Of course, there’s no excuse for the way they treat women, but if you go to areas they infest, what do you expect to find?

    • It’s illegal just about everywhere in Europe to, “incite hatred against minorities.” That’s why they had to play it as Men Vs. Women, rather than civilized Europeans against Middle Eastern animals. But in the end everybody gets the idea.

    • Seriously? Come to NYC, patriot6, I’ll show you the same sharia law zones. It’s a function of % of the population. France is approaching 50% muslim and this is the next step of the jihad by “liberation” by immigration. It’s in the Sira, in the Reliance of the Traveller (Umdat al-Salik, Sharia law book), in the Hadith..snippets are in the Koran. The second 50% demographic parity is achieved, 98-100% muslim nation happens, through slaughter and flight of the Kufr. Check your history “patriot.”
      France is lost fast, without a shot, just by births, or faster this way by jihad by the word, by the sword, by sexual assault (11x and your kufr woman is muslim), and by immigration.

      • Latest numbers I could find are from 2012:
        50% Catholic
        8% Protestant
        2% other Christian
        20% Agnistic/no belief
        13% Atheist
        6% Muslim
        0.7% Jewish
        0.3% Other
        Since 2012 there has been an influx of refugees from Syria and northern Africa, so it’ll be somewhat more than 6% now – but nowhere near 50%, France’s population hasn’t doubled within 4 years.
        There probably are a few regions inside France where your 50% figure comes close, but there’s other parts of the country where 0% is a pretty close approximation (try the Departement of Rhone-Alpes, or Alsace without Strasbourg).
        Pushing alarmist figures doesn’t help anyone.

  2. “… for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory.”
    — Rabbi Rabbinovitch, 1952

  3. The moo slums come here and try there crap with american woman/girls the american men will cut them down we are armed unlike the fools in France, try it here see how long you last before you get your 72 sluts.

    • Doug Doug Dougie-Doug….clearly a Libtard SJW tolerant member of the LGBT-AAIP-QZ-GF, ‘Feminist’ (read: gay, effete little man)supporter of Multi-Culturalism and NON-BULLY of ‘minorities’, ‘cept when you are Thugging out on VICTIMS, such as the WOMEN who ARE OPPRESSED by other ‘men’ (read: gay effete little ‘men’ who are intellectually deficient) and BULLYING these Women and Denigrating them AND Negating their strife and trauma of NOT being free….but of course, you effete little useless princess in a tutu, you wouldn’t KNOW anything about being a MAN….you’re in your safe space, mummy’s basement, hugging your blankey and teddy, when you’re not being a ToughGuy playing queer/odd video games Kickin’ azz with all the other useless millennial, Generation Snowflake BABIES, thinking that World of WarCraft is cool and real! When I slap you lil’ man, you WILL cry lil’ beeeaaaccchhh tears and moan about how unfair life is and that meritocracy is DEAD and you WANT YOUR PARTICIPATION TROPHY! Now go hug your boyfriend/partner, pet each other and coo soothingly at the kiddie table whilst the adults discuss grown-up topics! Did I cover everything princess? haha

      • …just to be clear…I love multi-culturalism as long as it is voluntary and non-violent. So do most of the world’s populations…which is why we have a tourism industry. Humans are naturally curious about the way other people live, and whether we like it or not…through technology…the world is getting smaller. Learning to deal with and manage diversity in your life and business will be critical to future success. So learning to manage it appropriately is a big advantage, except in the area of extreme cultural differences…where harm is done to another person. These types of differences must be closed and eliminated in some legitimate manner. I think the disturbing part of multi-culturalism comes from those who have weaponized it against sovereign states…thus rolling them into their New World Order. For those who have hidden in the shadows for decades, manipulating the world from behind the curtain, they look upon the forced integration / immigration of the world much like they did back in the 1600’s. They think they own the world, and can dominate it through financial domination and by keeping the population in poverty. If every oppressed people of the world stood up and convicted their leaders for crimes against humanity, and started hanging a bunch of them…perhaps we may change their perspective.
        RJ O’Guillory

  4. I am sure if they try that crap here in any big city and the homies will bust caps in their dumb asses. Try it in the country and you will just disappear into the forrest or desert.

    • NICE to see a REAL MAN on board Joe! f-in girly boys, well, we Real Chicks have had enough…..i’m going to spank Dougie Doug up above when I meet his girly azz at the Hello Kitty Store…and i’m gonna smack his little boyfriend too! 😉

  5. The ‘West’ should have stayed out of the middle east. The trouble they created is now being allowed to wreck Europe. The same may happen in the US soon enough.

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