ALERT: GOP Asleep At The Wheel While The LEFT Delegitimizes TRUMP'S Victory By Taking Focus OFF CLINTON And ON JAMES COMEY!

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by Pamela Williams
We cannot fall into trap that is currently being set by the LEFT! I hope as many read this as possible, because after researching on progress in charging Hillary Clinton for her crimes, I have found nothing. I know Jason Chaffetz is heading a Congressional investigation, but he keeps preparing us for holdups in that probe.

Meanwhile the Left is way ahead of the Right by setting Trump up for failure and creating an escape from accountability by Hillary Clinton.  We know that James Comey is under investigation for violation of the Hatch Act, saying he is the reason Hillary Clinton lost the Presidency.   But please understand the following: 
The charade now underway has nothing to do with determining whether FBI Director James Comey violated Justice Department protocols by revealing non-public investigative information to the public at large. That’s the pretext for convening something that can be called a “Justice Department investigation” which sounds like we’re looking to identify a culprit by the inspector general.   Further this sounds like the investigation must be non-partisan, BUT the IG is an Obama appointee!
I don’t know if Comey is aware of the role he is currently playing in the Left’s attempt at protecting Clinton, but at this time I think James Comey truly wanted to charge Clinton, but Obama and his DOJ would not allow it.  However, whether Comey has a white hat or a black hat, he is being played by the Left, and I doubt Trump even knows it.
Something that I want to point out is I have been researching sites like the following all day…basically legal sites…for legal entanglements involving the Clintons.

The National Law Journal  Unfortunately, all I really found that caught my attention are articles on Trump.  In fact, they are not good, and they are written by the behind the scenes legal community.  You can register on this site and read three free articles without paying to join.  At least you can view the titles of the articles.  If you support Trump you will be upset.

The Democrats are more than halfway home. Republicans figure nothing important has really happened yet. The Left knows it has already set the table. By the time the GOP grasps what’s happening, the public’s understanding of the controversy will be set in stone.  I guess you could call this brainwashing to some extent, and mainstream media is working hard to make it happen, BUT IT IS NOT ONLY MSM…it is that the majority of us are clueless…even Alternative Media!  We are telling ourselves Trump is out of the woods, making headway everyday, and Hillary Clinton is going to get hers.
HOWEVER, we are being scammed, and Trump is being set up behind the scenes.  I just read that the Clintons are getting ready for more politics, and Hillary may even get a talk show…they know they will not be held accountable.  They are getting rid of the evidence by closing the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation.  They have help from all the best lawyers, and even David Kendall, Clinton’s attorney throughout all of her crimes is still her main attorney.
I know you are thinking I am wrong, and so be it.  I hope I am, but I am going to leave you with excerpts from an article by an author, who knows what he is talking about.


If the e-mail investigation is seen as the make-or-break episode in the campaign, then there are two possible narratives:
(1) Director Comey cost Mrs. Clinton the election by making public statements about the investigation that were in violation of Justice Department guidelines, including — critically — a statement just eleven days before the election that appeared to nullify his earlier exculpatory statements, and that could only have misled voters into believing that the FBI had discovered damning evidence against Clinton;
or (2) The Obama Justice Department conducted a sham investigation to ensure that Clinton, though patently guilty of serious national-security crimes, would not be charged — a scheme that included: refusing to open a grand-jury investigation; denying the FBI the ability to compel the production of critical evidence; granting immunity to any suspect who appeared guilty and might otherwise have been incentivized to cooperate against Clinton; imposing ludicrous restrictions on the FBI’s interviews of witnesses and examination of physical evidence; permitting subjects of the investigation who had received immunity agreements to appear as counsel for the main subject of the investigation, in violation of ethical rules and federal law; leaking information to the press that suggested Clinton and her confederates were cooperative and had no intent to harm the United States (which was not the legal standard for criminal liability); and a furtive meeting on an airport tarmac between the attorney general herself and President Bill Clinton, the spouse of the main subject of the investigation, only days before Mrs. Clinton submitted to a perfunctory FBI interview and was proclaimed innocent by Comey.
If those are the two narratives that could most conceivably stick, how do Democrats make sure that Narrative No. 1 prevails? Easy: by framing the public debate in a manner that ensures Narrative No. 1 is the only one that is considered.
The aim is obvious: If Comey’s statements were against protocol, then they will be portrayed as violations that caused Clinton to lose — the argument will be that Trump’s victory was as razor thin as it gets, Clinton decisively won the popular vote, so surely Comey’s impropriety is what swung the few thousand votes Clinton would have needed in key states to win in the Electoral College. Therefore, the narrative goes: Trump’s victory, and thus his presidency, is illegitimate.

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3 thoughts on “ALERT: GOP Asleep At The Wheel While The LEFT Delegitimizes TRUMP'S Victory By Taking Focus OFF CLINTON And ON JAMES COMEY!

  1. TWO Democrat senators ARE delegitimized by Jill Stein’s Soros funded recout attempt — The MSM is committing treason by hiding the corruption, deceiving the People, and deliberately working to undermine PRESIDENT Trump.
    TWO Michigan democrat senators must be removed from office and a new election held …….. In light of the MASSIVE voter fraud in the metro Detroit area uncovered by the Jill Stein recount, Michigan democratic Senators Stabenow and Peters must be removed from office and new CLEAN elections held. 37% of detroit precincts reported more votes than voters…es_than_voters.html PLEASE spread this around …. the MSM is propagandizing that there was NO proof of fraud.

  2. The wisdom here Pamela is to not worry about things of which one has no control. The creation of fear and concern is not productive.
    I think the time is here, that it is imperative we establish true regional connections, avoiding the sold out social media and start acting locally. Something must come from all of the brilliant, caring people in the comment boxes. Bottom line the younger generations need to be stimulated to be envolved for it is their future to be saved.
    I try to suggest often out here in virtual land that IMHO we need to act locally. Attend ANY meeting that makes decisions about your life. From PTA, city and county council meetings to anything on land and water use and especially Agenda 21.
    We need to be like the white blood cells of our bodies. They go and fight infection at the site to the benefit of the whole body.

  3. Trump the decree President brings the process of delegitimizing on all by himself. Trump the Realtor ape is dumb as a bag of rice, criminal as the Clinton and needs to be impeached.

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