The Economic Data Is Declining, The Market Is Propped Up,The Economic Shock Is Coming:Andrew Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “The Economic Data Is Declining, The Market Is Propped Up,The Economic Shock Is Coming:Andrew Hoffman

  1. America and it’s people, as are other nations and their people, are owned, ALL resources. The US has rarely been a free nation except when the banks made it hell for the US on and after Andrew Jackson for a short time. We’ve all been had. Get a good damn look at Astana, Kazakstan – perhaps your next capital, the Supreme Court of Israel, IRS building in Maryland… Any similarity folks? Let the words of JFK burn in your mind for a while. Read of Edward Mandell House here and Woodrow Wilson’s legacy. This is just a tiny list in a long roll of how we’ve been deceived. Old books and manuscripts are priceless as are the government’s own record, but almost no one reads them. The US has NEVER fought for the freedom of anyone. JFK to the news men, the MSM that reports anything but the facts Louis McFadden on the Federal Reserve Kakistocracy – government by the worst most unprincipled Pledge of allegiance a fraud in itself YOUR ARE OBSOLETE Worse than obsolete The owners of your government own you too! US wasted 14 trillion on war since Bush I – Jack Ma of Alibaba at Davos 2017 As the community goes, so goes the nation – do you live in despotism? Video asks w. Rating scales! Can humanity get any more pathetic? I’m dead, so are you. The American Cheka – DHS – will come for US citizen dissidents

  2. Can people please share links with me that has a better chance of being accurate than another Hebrew banker or financial “advisor.” At least Muslims have Jihad by the word, but everyone from Kramer, to Hoffman, I’m just fk’ing tired of it.
    Where are news sources with an AIPAC spin? Seriously.
    I really only want to get fk’d by matzo on Passover…may I have a break, pretty please.

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