ALERT! Lock Your Car’s Gas Cap! Residents Claim Thieves Are Siphoning Gas From Their Cars

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Residents across the Los Angeles area are claiming thieves are siphoning gas out of their cars amid the record-high gas prices.

This will only get worse and it will spread across the US. If you can’t lock your car’s gas cap, try and buy a one. Check to make sure it fits your vehicle. They cost $10-$20 compared to one tank of gas costing about $75.

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Walmart has several


Hyper-inflation means crime will increase.

NOTE: Some cases the thieves are drilling the gas tanks, but that is rare compared to the siphoning.

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Police are recommending garage your car when possible, if not park in well lighted areas at night.

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If you don’t have an car alarm with proximity / motion sensor, get one.

The Renton Police Department in Washington posted a warning on its Facebook page, telling people to park their vehicles in garages whenever possible and purchase a “quality locking gas cap.”

In Boston.


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