Russia Threatens To Smoke Western Diplomats, US and UK!

And bomb NATO bases in other countries…


Maria Zakharova, the Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman, suggested that strikes could be authorized against NATO states who provide arms to Ukraine.

She warned: ‘Do we understand correctly that for the sake of disrupting the logistics of military supplies, Russia can strike military targets on the territory of those NATO countries that supply arms to the Kyiv regime?

‘After all, this directly leads to deaths and bloodshed on Ukrainian territory.’

Her words came after Britain’s Armed Forces Minister James Heappey said that the UK backed Ukrainian air strikes on Russian infrastructure.

He added that it would be ‘completely legitimate’ for British weapons to be used in such attacks, even though none are currently thought to be.

But his remarks were seized upon by the Kremlin, with the defense ministry accusing him of ‘provocation’.

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In a significant escalation of tensions, Moscow also warned that it would be prepared to strike back at ‘decision-making centers’ in Kyiv in retaliation, even if Western diplomats were present.

The Kremlin’s comments come after US Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin said yesterday that ‘saber rattling’ rhetoric from Moscow and threats of nuclear war were ‘very dangerous and unhelpful.’

During a visit to Germany he hit back at Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov who said that Western leaders risked a third world war by supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine.

‘That kind of rhetoric is very dangerous and unhelpful,’ Austin said. ‘Nobody wants to see a nuclear war happen. It’s a war where all sides lose.

‘And so rattling of sabers and, you know, dangerous rhetoric is clearly unhelpful and something that we won’t engage in.’


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