ALERT: Secure your assets now! Obama signs executive order for martial law in August 2016, while media ignores it!

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This is major news for the Country, and most of the media are ignoring it. However, Shawn Hannity of Fox News has gotten ahold of it.
This video needs to be watched and retained by our entire Country. Citizens should realize just what this means, and they should take measures to secure their assets now.

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FROM VIDEO: Published on May 3, 2016
BREAKING NEWS! RED ALERT!!! MARTIAL LAW and FEMA CAMPS are coming in 2016!! Let’s Share… Share… this video must be shared with max number of people! make your part now,
please share it! Because the Government Cover-up! Important: Before JUDGE, watch the whole video. MARTIAL LAW EMINENT APPROACH! MUST SEE!! URGENT VIDEO PUBLIC UTILITY! FEMA

31 thoughts on “ALERT: Secure your assets now! Obama signs executive order for martial law in August 2016, while media ignores it!

  1. So this would be after the BLM riots scheduled for all major US cities this summer. And the Soros funded riots involving the BLM/Sanders zombies at the GOP convention.

        • Sorry, man. Due to recent events, I tend to believe it. There are a lot of things that have changed, just this year and last, in this country.
          Force the situation, cause it’s going to happen anyways (only my opinion).
          Vote Trump in a landslide. A ‘movement’ that BS couldn’t harvest, because the majority of the ‘movement’ believed in Trump.
          Still can be done in a civil manner by making these organizations an extreme minority with a Trump vote. These org’s are in a high-stakes gamble, particularly if Trump landslides her.
          What then for them? Very high-stakes, indeed.
          And it doesn’t look good.
          As far as BS, Sanders supporters will be long gone, because they can’t support a person like Clinton.
          Takes time, but the BS people will be coming in Trump’s open arms very soon. Don’t get me wrong, she’s worth about 15%, with a high-risk outlook. The Clinton cabal made themselves “un-electable”.
          It ain’t over yet with her. Comey did what he did, but can he do it two or threee more times?
          My friend Trolleywine says NO. Hale NO…
          Good luck with that.
          It’s the Trumpster in a landslide.
          And you will like it…

          • If Queen of England,and United nations admits Hawaii is independent from United states “illegal overthrow ” and Obama is from Hawaii,they he can’t be president. If the Queen of England also is in control of social security and Hawaii has social security she is now admitted guilt of embezzling and racketeering.

  2. Seriously???!!! Jay carney hasn’t been a press secretary since 2014. Putting out junk like these makes you a gov lapdog.

    • What were they thinking? That we would miss this fact? Before viewing the video I though perhaps they just got the date wrong. WOW!

    • Gonna have to dig dig dig as this is from the National Defense Resources Preparedness that he signed back in 2012.
      Gotta keep ooga booga going even if you have to start digging up really old shit. Noticed a lot of this going on lately, stories that are years old being wrapped up in a new title and sold as new.

      • I’ve noticed this also. If I think I’ve seen something before I just look at the date published. I’m seeing stuff that is 3-4 years old under (as you say) a new (frantic) headline. There’s a number of sites that aren’t legit nor independent. They tend to have the same page lay-out and loaded with fear mongering. Of course the sheep don’t notice any of these unsubtle clues.

      • If it is still active, then I think it’s ok to rehash something that someone may not have stumbled upon before. This guy had other EO’s that are as tyrannical as this one.
        If this EO smells like shit, and looks like shit, then it is.
        And this ain’t the only one, either.

      • Obama simply doesn’t believe its a ‘movement’, which has been suddenly “re-invigorated” over the last couple of days. This amplifies the magnitude of the ‘movement’ even more. His actions (BO) profoundly affect is support base, which will see the light after the “big one” coming up for Clinton. If the unthinkable happens (no charges), more and more people go to Trump.
        It all adds up. Approximately 15% of the American people believe the lies they torch us with everday. That means Hillary Rodham Clinton has about 15% of the vote, assuming the people reading Alt. news will not vote for her either, which is a given, right?
        Old-schoolers “schooling” the New-schoolers.
        They will come around to their senses and propel Trump to landslide status.
        You would think granting bankruptcy to the Student Loaners would be enough for them, but they thought BS would forgive their debts some how. At least my p-o-v.
        Ideologically, BS and Clinton are worlds apart on issues, particularly when it was Clinton, not only with NAFTA, but also being responsible for preventing bankruptcy for the Student Loaners. A hideous law with very lucrative possibilities for them.
        Too much bad stuff about HRC to accept.
        Look out, there’s more. Much, much more.
        The Big One. And I ain’t talkin purgery, either.
        She’s in a mess, for sure.
        Go ahead and rig this one, sweetheart.
        You have our upmost attention. One more should do it.

    • Obama said Trump would never be President? Just another lie by the pathological liar. Every word that spews out of Bathhouse Barry’s mouth is a lie.
      If he really signed an executive order for martial law this August, word will spread quickly through the Internet, and every heavily armed citizen (there are currently 150 million of them, owning over 450 million firearms) is going to lock and load and shoot anyone who tries to confiscate their arms. If he’s done this, Bathhouse Barry will have made the worst mistake of his entire life. His political career will come to a screeching halt. He’s a coward, pure and simple. He knows deep down he cannot trust the military who, btw, hate his guts and won’t hesitate to fight alongside the militias who will be quickly forming.

      • Since he (BO) tends to fib on everything he says,
        he’s probably incorrect on this one, also.
        And, is he even in charge anymore?
        Mediocre leadership for 4 decades.
        Go with the businessman and help straighten this shit out. Really unacceptable.
        Trump 2016.


    • “Crying won’t help ya, ain’t gonna do you no good”.
      Repeat the above.
      “When the levy breaks, momma you got to move”.
      And I’m sure you will.

  4. Practice head and neck shots is all I can say. Trust no one. Defend what you think is right, there will be no laws, no rules except from those trying to impose them on you. Defend and stand your ground till they are all dead or you die.

  5. The Anti Christ is’ a mathematician, an knows the sum of all notes.
    An is’ amused to you’re common senses..

  6. Also the police is to blame and government,not racists. Simply put divided and conquer.The police carry guns and risk their lives , but that doesn’t give them rights to to shoot civilians. The idiots that hired them without proper training is to blame. Time to charge the true guilty parties and work together.

  7. How can an order from the President give the president any authority over anything they didn’t have authority over before? How can you say “it grants authority” if the President grants it to themselves? It doesn’t wash.

  8. Attention All White people: BLM is NOT scheduling riots in all major cities. We need to focus on whats important and not what the media wants you to believe. When things get bad in America, just like 911, we will all stand beside each other like always. Don’t believe the hype. GOD BLESS.

  9. Interesting that martial law was never implemented-at least not while Obama was at the helm. Let’s see if Komrad Golden Showers repeals this “Martial Law”-and if not why not?

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