Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the true face of the Democrats

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Here’s the real question. Does she want Medicare for all illegals? Does she want free college for all illegals? Does she want ss for all illegals?

Mark Levin broke down her interviews yesterday, just about everything she said was either a lie, or flat out wrong.

She talked about the recent tax cut being the same amount of all the student loans, so we should have just paid them all off? The numbers she said aren’t even right….they don’t match. And what about those who didn’t go to college? What do they get? Now banks are going to do loans and the government will just pay them all back?

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She talked about “black out sites” at these places where they are holding the kids of illegals who decided to traffic their children, she said no one is allowed in, no government officials can check it out, human rights violations are massive there. If it’s a “black out site”, how does she know what’s going on? If people aren’t allowed in, how does she know rights are being violated? Who’s rights? Which person? What right? The problem with progressives is they talk in generalizations, never answer a real question because it fucks their fake narrative.

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Mark Levin invited her on today’s show, so naturally, you know she won’t be there.


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