All Actual Money ($$) in the Bitcoin Ecosystem has come from BitCoiners.

by five-acorn

This is obvious when you think about it. All actual $$$ (real money, you know, stuff you can buy cars with) in the entire Bitcoin ecosystem – has come from someone who has bought a Bitcoin at some point. A bitcoin investor.

If you bought BTC at $3k and now its sitting at $60k. You made $57k. Off of who? Other Bitcoin Investors.

I’d say it’s a zero sum game, but obviously, there are huge mining costs in energy, not to mention 3rd parties.

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Literally everyone who is “filthy rich” off Bitcoin has robbed other Bitcoiners. Or you could argue, well, the future Bitcoiners that haven’t made money yet are “still waiting” for later investors as marks.

Isn’t that the definition of a Ponzi?

Anyway pass me the popcorn. I can’t say I have a PhD in economics to understand how Tether and BitFinex and all these layered shell came Cyrpto scams fully work to screw the Butters, but people only hold BTC as long as their is a return. And “returns” can only be guaranteed through exponentially more pumps by Tether/ exponentially new marks … the crash might be spectacular.


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