ALL major brands will be fully politicized by 2019. Corporate driven civil war. Radicalized marketing. Consumer based sedition

I posted this article when it first came out, but watching the Dick’s Sporting Goods hunting removal and now Nike choosing Kapurnik (dont care enough to learn his correct spelling) has reminded me.

The Radical Future Of Branding


Conventional wisdom has it that brands shouldn’t talk politics. Why risk alienating potential customers? That was before Donald Trump.

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“With the rise of political authoritarianism, brands will face fundamental choices.” Now that a sneering, orange man-child is sinking his tiny fingers into every aspect of American life, experts believe activism will become nearly as ubiquitous in the brand world as it is on college campuses. “As a reflection of the changing political tides, many brands will evolve from ‘mission-driven’ to ‘activist,’ encouraging consumers to go beyond simply subscribing to a set of core values and driving them to participate in actions to defend them,” says Geoff Cook, partner at the branding agency Base Design. “In choosing sides, brands will alienate certain consumers, yes, but will galvanize an impassioned constituency in the process.”

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