All new cars in EU must now have built in SIM card with 2/3/4g connection as well as GPS. They will know every move of your car.

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In the future there won’t be speed cameras.

If you don’t already have an approved driverless car, a prompt will pop up on your dashboard warning you to slow down or you’ll be fined. The car will report every time you didn’t sufficiently indicate prior to turning and your insurer will get a regular report on your driving habits to check and adjust your rate.


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Under EU plans, cars sold from March 2018 will have a ‘black box’ device
Gadget contains a phone-like SIM card which tracks drivers’ movements
Designed to help emergency services find vehicles in the event of crash
Government believes the device will add at least £100 to the cost of cars
But officials fear it could be used by police to monitor motorists’ moves

From March 2018 every new car sold in the European Union will legally have to be equipped with eCall technology.

This will consist of a ‘black box’ that detects a crash and automatically calls the emergency services for help.

This box is also fitted with a GPS sensor so it can send the car’s precise location to the control room.




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