ALL of Congress knows who colluded w/ Russia. Clinton Foundation received $145,000,000 for our 20% Uranium. A page from the Congressional Record.

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by The_Web_Of_Slime

Why isn’t this on national news?!

3 Pieces of primary source evidence, good enough for court, that blow apart the news narrative:

The Podesta Group’s LD 1 disclosure forms; the one that proves there is a nexus between The Podesta Group, Mueller, Yanukovych and Manafort which totally destroys the narrative in the news.

The Podesta Group LD 1 disclosure form took money from the Kremlin’s Sberbank and other entities that Putin is known to launder money to himself, through.

John Podesta’s signed document that proves he got 100,000 shares of the Kremlin’s faux clean energy company “Joule”

Almost no news outlet incorporates them into their reporting about Uranium One. One of the most extensive articles about Uranium One was done by the New York Times, “Cash Flowed to the Clinton Foundation Amid Uranium Deal.” These pieces of evidence are not mentioned, nor did they ever bother to update their reporting. Despite that, their article is pretty damning. The NYT also fails to mention the human trafficking nexus surrounding the mining operations.

A black market uranium smuggler was caught with uranium on its way from Novosibirsk (Rosatom’s chemical concentration plant) to Iran. The Russians refused to help the Georgian authorities, who had to let the smuggler walk after a short time in jail. Georgia, then asked for the US to help in the investigation where they sent a sample of the HEU, enriched just under weapons grade. Mueller, himself, rather than admit where the uranium came from RETURNED THE EVIDENCE HIMSELF TO RUSSIA, hand delivering the HEU sample on a TARMAC in Russia. Here is the cable that proves it:

In the Middle of the Russian “Reset”, Mueller was already protecting the Uranium One.

Mueller has seemingly investigated his own crime and pinned it on Manafort while purportedly giving the Podestas immunity. They worked for Russia under the guise of the European Center for a Modern Ukraine to infiltrate the Ukrainian government. Notice that is the name on the earlier Podesta Group disclosure form.

Mueller and Yanukovych, together:

Russia has a fairly easy time hiring traitors within the US to fight their energy war using “influence.”

Here is a picture of Hillary hitting the “reset” button:

Under Obama, Hillary was in charge of getting American companies to work with Russia’s military industrial complex at their Skolkovo collaboration, where Russia promised tax exemptions for companies like Cisco, Google and Intel.

Later, Obama gave the Russian uranium situation the final push it needed by ending the national emergency on the issue and officially making Russia a supplier of US uranium:

The Clinton Foundation was taking money from companies that participated as a bribe for the opportunity.

In fact, the Epoch Times made a chart that does a pretty good job of including a lot of information, but it is a bit of an overload for casual readers.

The people who were in charge of approving the Uranium One deal did it in record time with no paperwork and appear to have left it out of the congressional report.

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They only mention Canadian mining. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States was a corrupted body with no transparency and no accountability.

Eric Holder

Jose W. Fernandez

Marisa Lago

Timothy F. Geithner

Janet Napolitano

Dennis F Hightower

Robert Gates

Hillary Clinton

Steven Chu

Ron Kirk

John Holdren

Peter R. Orszag

Christina Romer

Lawrence Summers

Aimen Mir

Both Uranium One and Gulftainer have deep ties to Russian intelligence, nuclear weapons, and uranium enrichment. Gulftainer has additional ties to the Iranian regime and to the architects of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal.

Gulftainer executive board chairman Badr Jafar visited the White House in 2014, six weeks before the secretly-negotiated Gulftainer deal was announced, signed, and closed…

What is Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale? None other than Robert Mueller’s law firm, which he recently left to accept the special counsel role in the “Russia” case. Prosecutors on his anti-Trump legal team also came from WilmerHale.

But none of that captures how expansive this crime really was. In fact, in looking at it, you can see that there is a government backed organized crime group that has been working on this uranium monopoly for Russia for about 35 years.

Here we see outed GCHQ spy, Alexander Downer, signing away uranium to Russia, as well.

This should be a very important clue to anyone who has been paying attention to the GCHQ involvement with the FBI in the midst of the Russia scandal. Why would Britain help Russia gain a monopoly on uranium?

Christopher Steele, Josef Mifsud, Alexander Downer; How many British Intelligence assets have to be exposed before the news will cover this issue fairly? Why has no one asked the question, “WHY ARE BRITAIN AND RUSSIA WORKING TOGETHER FOR A MONOPOLY ON URANIUM?”

The nexus of British and Russian agents attempting to frame Trump and distract from the Uranium One deal have the news on their side. This is a really, really bad sign.

But, let’s look at what Rosatom has done SINCE they were given all the uranium.

  • Started a proxy war in Venezuela while managing to acquire at least a billion dollars in Venezuelan gold. Both US and Canadian courts have ruled against Venezuela in favor of Russia in their Rusoro cases.
  • Started building floating nuclear reactors to use in the Arctic circle.
  • Started harvesting heavy water from Fukushima.
  • Started bidding against US companies to build nuclear reactors and the news criticizes Trump for trying to work a deal to get the contract for FOUR reactors in Saudi Arabia. They are winning these bids and are
  • Shey have been building new reactors and building new nuclear relationships with over 30 countries, dwarfing NATO, where, Rosatom is also entering into the mining supply lines.
  • Immediately spiked the price of uranium.

No articles on Uranium One that I’ve seen have explored the long term consequences of the deal and it is terrible for for the US.

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I created an automated script to track the uranium world in /r/uraniumnews.

When I started blasting these articles out, trying to raise awareness on current Rosatom news, the upstream was halted. They identified my upstream and tightened their fist around the reporting on Rosatom. The same thing happened when I made /r/FBIWatch. I built it to find the criticism of the FBI, but they identified my upstream and started wording titles and articles that were pro-FBI to serve them up to my script.

In fact, the amount of censorship I face on certain issues is usually a sign I am on the right track.

I recommend the top article: “Why Is A Shadowy Intelligence Organization Supporting Rosatom, the Russian Nuclear Energy Company?”

These Relationships Go Way Back

Don Tyson of Tyson Foods introduced Bill Clinton to Frank Giustra and Marc Rich of Glencore in the 80s, where their money intermingled in an entity known as “Diamond Fields.”

Tyson Foods is connected to human trafficking from Mexico and South America

Giustra mining assets and Glencore mining assets utilize forced labor. This is borne out by State Department reports on forced labor.

Marc Rich was trading black market oil for black market uranium to send to Russia.

Marc Rich is given a last minute pardon by Bill Clinton. Comey was the prosecutor. The FBI did a faux investigation into the last minute pardons as revealed by the FBI FOIA Vault.

Human trafficking networks are already established for these players in the mining industry.

Frank Giustra pours money into the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership.

Uranium One board members, like Ian Telfer, pour millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

Despite objections from the US military, the CFIUS still approves the Uranium One sale to Rosatom, with members under pressure from the 7th Floor Group (referred to as “shadow government” in a report posted under the FBI FOIA Vault.

But why is everyone so in the dark about this issue?

No news outlet bothered to look into Ruben Vardanyan, who paid the Podestas off?

The reason is because of projects like Operation Earnest Voice, Shareblue, Correct the Record and https:// along with other similar shill factories.

The reason is because hundreds of people like John Podesta are casually able to email reporters or call them up and have them spike a story or spin an issue in any way they like with almost zero effort.

But John Podesta also has his own personal media whipping boy. David Brock. David Brock runs Media Matters, who was writing apologetics for the Uranium One deal as early as 2008. Maybe earlier. John Podesta, who takes Russian money, then funnels that money to the Center for American Progress, which funds David Brock’s projects.

The news will continue to cover this up.



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