ALL of Congress knows who colluded w/ Russia. Clinton Foundation received $145,000,000 for our 20% Uranium. A page from the Congressional Record.

by The_Web_Of_Slime Why isn’t this on national news?! 3 Pieces of primary source evidence, good enough for court, that blow apart the news narrative: The Podesta Group’s LD 1 disclosure … Read more

Judicial Watch testimony to Congress: the Clinton Foundation scandal is a State Department scandal, it is an FBI scandal, it is a DOJ scandal, it is a foreign potentate scandal, it is a shady corporation scandal, and it is a government transparency scandal.

by TFittonJW Remarkable that there was finally a Hill hearing on the Clinton Foundation scandal. My testimony: Background: My full written statement — well worth sharing:  

Clinton Foundation under investigation, Flynn entrapped, Hillary Clinton under oath in @JudicialWatch lawsuit, Obama State Dept dumped classified info to target Trump. Huge Judicial Watch Update.

by TFittonJW Giant Judicial Watch Update: My Clinton Fnd Hill testimony: Cinton under oath: JW finds Obama State rushed out Russia docs to get Trump: