All Wars Are Bankster Wars- And This One Will Be, Too. They Will Finally Lose.

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Last week I wrote the essay “Crash Positions,” which got quite a bit of traction. Basically an overall analysis of where we’re at, as the USA dollar collapses, along with implications for the normal people who will be affected. It was a cathartic process for me, honestly. And I thought that was it; I was done with my financial analysis, I’d finished with my “get busy prepping, ’cause our time is up” post; I could go back to staying quiet, keep prepping, working with local guys, etc. In other words, minding my own business. But that wasn’t it.

In my last post, I stated

“In short order, our phony leaders have basically forced China, Russia, India and even Pakistan to join up, and permanently yank the carpet from under the fiat-money banking system that the globalists base their power on…. No bullshit, that’s just the truth.  You can debate about the whys, but that doesn’t have any practical value for me, so we’ll move on to what that means, what’s coming, when, and give my recommendations of what you can do to best prepare, in the very short time we have left.”  


A friend asked me a series of questions as to the “whys” of the thing, basically forced me to consider other implications beyond the local. In other words, what does it mean on the geopolitical stage, given the propaganda coming from all sides, regarding Ukraine, Russia, resources, etc.

And then I remembered this conversation:

Morpheus: Everything begins with choice.

Merovingian: No. Wrong. Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without. …  ‘Why’ is what separates us from them, you from me. ‘Why’ is the only real social power, without it you are powerless.

Maxtrix Reloaded 2003

To recap from my last post, the total collapse of the dollar is imminent, within weeks to months. When that occurs, you won’t be able to buy anything imported. Think of Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco, etc. No imported food like green seedless grapes from Chile or Argentina, no bananas from Ecuador, no oil filters or tires, no clothes, no potash fertilizer from Russia, no oil from Saudi Arabia or Russia, etc. I expect prices for everything to go up 4-5 times almost overnight, as the dollar is repudiated, and then go stratospheric from there. I believe banking systems (where 99% of people store their money) will be frozen, while the purchasing power of the dollar collapses to zero. Food riots, fuel riots, on top of the famine and starvation that are already coming to America, regardless of the dollar collapse. The background on how we got here, and why it’s occurring, are the first hyperlink at the top of page.

Ok, let’s move on.

The entire Western economic system is built on fiat money- money not linked to any commodity, such as gold or silver, or anything else. A gold-backed currency is one where you can go to a bank at any time, and either buy or sell gold for the stated value of the currency. This limited how much money a country could circulate; put simply, if they had $100 million of money floating around in the economy and only $10 million of gold in their vaults, a wealthy guy could swoop in and clean out the treasury, wiping out the gold supply, crashing the dollar, and making a huge profit in actual purchasing power. So the Federal Reserve had printed so much money that by 1971 it was mathematically impossible to cover the volume of debts (your Federal Reserve Notes) with all the gold in the world… at the “stated” value. So rather than reprice gold at what its real value is, they decided to cut the dollar link to gold, hence the “Bretton Woods 2” agreement, where the dollar was allowed to “float.” Of course, “float” really meant it allowed the Federal Reserve to print to the moon.

And with the advent of modern technology, the dollar is now created with mere keystrokes on a computer, and presto! MONEY! Yay!

Now the money has nothing to back it, nothing real. People are forced to accept fiat money because there’s nowhere they can go to get away from the Central Bankers around the world…

Virtual Reality Is NOT RealityVirtual Money Is NOT Money.

Technology has fundamentally changed us in a very ugly way. REAL life has been replaced with virtual life.

You don’t talk, you watch talk-shows.

You don’t play games, you watch game-shows.

Travel, relationships, risk, every meaningful experience must be packaged and delivered to you to watch at a distance, so that you can remain ever sheltered, ever passive, ever ravenous consumers who can’t bring themselves to rise from their couches, break a sweat and participate in life.

You want superheroes to protect you, and make yourselves ever more powerless in the process, while you tell yourselves you’re being looked after, that your interests are being served. And your rights are being upheld.

So that the system can keep stealing from you, smiling at you all the while. … Grab your snacks, watch your screens, and see what happens. You are no longer in control. I am.

Screenslaver, incredibles 2

Everything is virtual; little is real. When I was a kid, if I got into trouble, I’d get smacked by my parents, or a horse-whip taken to my butt. And I knew I’d deserved it. These days, if you get into an argument with someone, they report you to HR. Express an opinion that collectivists (read that as “progressives,” liberals and democrats) don’t like, and you’re “cancelled” in social media, a digital gulag you can never escape from. If you’re really a threat to the elitists, they’ll send a team of liars (ahem) lawyers to sue you into oblivion with defamation lawsuits. Western society has largely become an army of keyboard warriors, incapable of overcoming their fear to face enemies in the real, physical world. People of action are outside their realm of understanding, much less their realm of control. Western society has been conditioned to believe that the virtual world is more real than the real world.

Here’s what it was like, when the public could only turn on their TVs in the living room, at the end of a day of hard work…

Now we carry that Godless tube in our hands, every waking moment of the day… and “there is a whole, an entire generation that never knew anything that didn’t come out of this tube.” These “smart” phones, that make us more ignorant and stupid… Where “virtual” is real, and reality… doesn’t exist.

Forgive me for waxing on, but there is a point to all of this nostalgic preaching.

The point is that our virtual money is no more real than our virtual lives.

The fiat money system- birthed by Nathan Rothschild in February of 1814 and grown over the past 208 years- is being swept away by countries who are rejecting virtual money and demanding real money- gold or commodity-backed currencies. REAL men, who have lived their lives in the real world, doing hard work, sweating, building blisters and later callouses on their hands, people who’ve learned that actions trump words… have decided that enough is enough. They’ve decided that the value they’ve created through hard work, intelligence and grit, are not for sale for virtual money created by people who create nothing else.

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THIS is the final outcome of the ongoing economic war, which has been ongoing for at least 20 years, first in Iran and Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and now Saudi Arabia and Russia. Understand, it’s not the USA calling the shots, nor is it England, much less the ball-less Germans and the French (whose leaders are always looking for someone to surrender to). The common phrase, “Globalist American Empire,”(GAE) is categorically wrong. The REAL globalist shit-bags that have been running the show are based in Brussels, Belgium, out of the Bank of International Settlements. They- and their owners, stakeholders, whatever- are who are really pulling the strings. Every government involved in the Western fiat-money banking system is as controlled as the supposedly “organic” Black Lives Matter movement. They do as they’re told, or else. And if they do a really good job jumping for their masters, they’re rewarded quite handsomely… with artificially created fiat money.

You see, the entire program has revolved around getting people to reject sound money, and accept fiat money. But they’ve gone so far as to indoctrinate damn-near everybody that precious metals are not as good as fiat money, due to factors like legal-tender laws, convenience, and the manipulation of public perceptions via mainstream media (who are also handsomely rewarded for being such effective propagandists- with artificially created fiat money). In short, the globalists have built an empire by suppressing real money, substituting it with Monopoly money- scrip, really- and pretending that precious metals and other tangible assets are meaningless.

And now…? Russia, China, India and Saudi Arabia are pulling back the curtain for all to see the pathetic little man behind it… the globalists. And you see that it’s all a charade. Russia, China and India are moving to deal in real commodities backed by real assets, and demonstrating that the virtual money- like our virtual lives- has absolutely no value.

The result will be the repudiation of the dollar- after the Euro, but not by much- and the fiat-money banking system, entirely. This possibility exists, and the probability is impossible for any honest analyst to say with certainty… but I would guess it’s better than a 50% that this comes to fruition, with some effects I’ve yet to see discussed anywhere else…


Practical implications for the common man would be rather shocking in some ways, liberating in many others.

The entire fiat-money system is based upon the idea that everyone is forced to use it. When suddenly the half of the world which has the majority of resources the rest of the world demands- minor things like natural gas, oil, manufactured goods from tires to clothes to electronics- demands real money and will no longer accept fiat currencies, the fiat system will utterly collapse.

All business whose model is based on the movement, creation and skimming of interest on loans of fiat money, are doomed. This would include all banks currently in the Western hemisphere, credit-card companies, trading houses, exchanges, etc. All the contracts they hold will be worthless. By this I mean loan instruments like mortgages, car and student loans, credit-card debts, everything. The contracts would be paid with a wheel-barrow full of bills, acquired for essentially no cost. It also means that pensions, 401Ks, savings and checking accounts, CDs, every other financial instrument you were counting on for retirement, will also be worth nothing.

The governments who’ve based their political power upon the extraction and theft of tax revenues will suddenly have no more value than the average Joe Six-Pack, and arguably less, since at least Joe will possess some practical skills and inherent value. Tax collectors wouldn’t bother to show up, risking their lives to extract increasingly worthless money. The monetary payola used to grease the political skids of the major parties will dry up.

All branches of law-enforcement will no longer be paid, and they’ll not obey illegal, suicidal orders in the belief that they’ll still get their pensions, since that’ll be vaporized along with everything else. With no financial or power incentives for them, they’ll either revert to protect their own, or resort to crime, to attempt to maintain their status. The latter will not survive long, at least in America.

All normal commerce will be forced to revert to old-school methods- cash (while it retains any perceived value), precious metals, chits and barter.

People with no productive skills, nothing which is needed in society, will have to choose between acquiring new skills that someone needs, steal, or starve. I predict a lot of the “feminist” women with degrees in things like gender studies, will revert to the worlds’ oldest profession, as they’ll have nothing else of value to contribute. It’s a hard old world, we’ve just been living through an intermission lasting three generations; time to revert to our normally scheduled programming (reality).


The globalist Empire (GE) will lose every bit of their power, as their empire is swept away, a castle of sand, by countries of sufficient power and determination to make it happen.

The globalists were trying to collapse the currencies ahead of people realizing that the fiat money Ponzi scheme is finished (COVID and the clot-shots were Plan A). They coordinated an attack on energy supplies to drive up costs, farmers to cut food production, distribution systems to keep the produced food from getting to the people, in an obvious move to squeeze the populations into poverty, famine and starvation, and blame it on COVID, then Russia, and later China- anybody but themselves. The results from these actions alone, we were seeing when we went to the grocery store, or gassed up our car.

But it’s not working, the collapse is not happening fast enough, and the masses of people in the West are starting to wake up, too fast, too early. So they then instigated Russia into attacking Ukraine, and attempted to use the obvious blow-back of economic sanctions on Russia to blame for the rising prices of everything, and that ain’t working either… and now GE is going to Plan “C,” full-on war between NATO and Russia.

But Russia knew this was coming; it’s why they’ve held back most of their troops inside Russia, used only older military gear that both Ukraine and the Western poodle-countries already know about, and have kept in reserve any new assets from which intelligence might be gleaned. This includes anti-missile systems, surface-to-surface missiles, aircraft, bombs, electronic intelligence gathering capabilities, electronic countermeasures… everything that could provide a crucial edge in combat with NATO and/or the USA. The exception is the Shkival hypersonic missile, which was impressive in its’ own right. Russia has known from the beginning, that it would get to this point.

The judo-move Putin made by demanding gold or rubles for assets he controls, forces the arms of every GE poodle-country in Europe behind their back, up to their shoulder blade. They have no choice, which means the GE has no choice; they cannot back down or they lose everything. And for this Banker War, which their agents of NATO and the USA have absolutely no hope of winning, is for all the marbles. They’re going to lose, no matter what, and so they will start- through legitimate or illegitimate means- World War III.

I mentioned at the beginning, the quote from Matrix Reloaded, knowing ‘why’ is the only real social power we have. Now you know why.

And you know what they’ll do next.


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