All You Need To Know About The Riots! HIDDEN INFO They Won’t Tell You & You’ll Soon Understand Why!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on multiple videos and images that appear to show police instigating riots at peaceful protests as the media reports almost only on the riots creating the divisive image of violent protesting.

Regardless of what you think of the ideas the protesters are protesting, 99% of protests are peaceful, despite what you’re seeing on television.

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After almost a week of non-stop riot and protest coverage, riots are actually quite difficult to find. However, when there is chaos, there always appears to be conveniently stacked pallets of bricks sitting on the side of the road nowhere near a construction zone. Or provocateurs that are allowed through the police line randomly.

In some cases, cars are parked in the middle of intersections, left unlocked and then set ablaze despite protesters constantly putting out fires and calling out anyone who causes destruction.

The media and government are using a tragedy in order to divide people against each other. This is all a lie. From an insane lockdown that they want people to forget about to a race war. They’re playing with us all, no matter what side of a fence you may or may not stand on.


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