Alleged Member of Right Wing Group “Proud Boys” Brutally Beaten By Angry Crowd of Blacks (VIDEO)

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by Chris Black


Another day in the empire, another example of vibrant diversity (our strength, remember that) and tolerance. We just got word about an alleged member of the “Proud Boys” getting beat up by a mob of angry blacks. The Proud Boys are described by the MSM as a right wing group (in reality they’re just normal people who hate political correctness and cultural Marxism, and love individual liberty), and here’s the video of a heroic mob composed of approximately ten black dudes  beating the crap out of a white male. There’s no other way to describe it.

And blacks wonder why no one will go to their neighborhoods and spend money. Not even white guilt lefties will go to these neighborhoods

Here’s how another black dude sees the incident:

A white person being beaten by a group of black people, it would be a much bigger story if the situation was reversed, don’t you think?

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What was all about? Well, the alleged Proud Boy member had the nerve to participate (or was in the vicinity) at a protest about a black woman stabbed to death in Oakland at a BART station. The suspect in the respective murder was apprehended by the police, but that’s not the point.

Here’s my take:

The guy who killed the black woman was a homeless transient person with mental illness. Clearly had no connection to Proud Boys. Local leftist groups tagged the name Proud Boys to the incident because Proud Boys have been embarrassing them lately with what happened in Portland last month, and other events. Now, if you ask me, the people attacked in this video were not Proud Boys, but random white people getting mobbed because they were white and in the wrong place at the wrong time. Again, they were labeled Proud Boys for nefarious political purposes, and of course, the fake news media goes along with it.

For the record.

1- Proud Boys are a multi-racial club.
2- Nia Wilson was not stabbed by a Proud Boy.

This kind of behavior isn’t going to help the Democrats win elections with independent and swing voters. I see swing voters asking “Do I vote for Trump’s team who’ve been accused of treason and all kinds of things without any evidence to back it up, yet seems to be doing a good job, or do I vote for Maxine’s team who calls on people to use intimidation and violence against people who don’t agree with their politics?”.

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And if you think beating people (right-wingers/conservatives, or just white dudes) up at rallies is a big thing, think again. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), payment processors like PayPal and Stripe are becoming “de facto internet censors”. Of course, censorship occurs only when it comes to conservatives/right wingers.

“EFF is deeply concerned that payment processors are making choices about which websites can and can’t accept payments or process donations. This can have a huge impact  on what types of speech are allowed to flourish online. We’ve seen examples — such as when WikiLeaks faced a banking blockade — of payment processors and other financial institutions shutting down the accounts of websites engaged in legal but unpopular speech. I’m deeply concerned that we’re letting banks and payment processors turn into de facto Internet censors.”


Remember in November.


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