Alleged President Biden Renews Agreement on Israel’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Program

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by Chris Black

We murdered people for supposedly giving the bomb to the Soviets. Israel got a few trillion dollars in aid money for stealing the designs and building their own nuclear bomb.

What should have happened is turning that garbage pit on the edge of the Mediterranean into a beautiful sheet of glass. Ever wonder why “they” end up owning everything?

Well, that would be billions of dollars in US aid money being laundered back into the US, so they can buy real estate, businesses, stocks, bonds, etc.

They control the printing of dollars and where it goes. Where it goes is buying up everything other people own.

Israel has received trillions of dollars in aid. Is it any wonder that since that aid program has started, just about everything of value has ended up in a dual citizen’s hands.

This from

President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett renewed a decades-old agreement on Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program during their meeting in Washington last week, Axios reported on Wednesday.

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It is believed that Israel first produced nuclear weapons in the late 1960s, and current estimates put Israel’s arsenal somewhere between 90 and 300 warheads. Every US president since Nixon has agreed not to press Israel to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. In return, Israel agrees not to declare its nuclear arsenal and operates the program covertly.

The ambiguity allows the US to give Israel aid, which is technically illegal due to the existence of Israel’s nuclear arsenal. Under foreign assistance laws, the US cannot provide aid to nuclear-armed states that refuse to sign the NPT.

The irony of the arrangement is that Israel constantly accuses Iran of operating a secret nuclear weapons program. And one of the main Israeli talking points is that if Iran ever acquires a nuclear bomb, it would trigger a regional arms race.

Israel is not just waging a propaganda war against Iran. The accusations come along with covert attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities and brazen assassinations of nuclear scientists.

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