Almost 60% of Americans blame Biden for inflation. MEANING THE OTHER 40% ARE RETARDED

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  • Twenty-five percent of Americans are considering pushing off retirement due to inflation, which is up 8.3 percent 
  • Nearly 60 percent of Americans said inflation has ‘majorly impacted’ their savings and many are changing their spending habits to cope 
  • Forty-two are choosing cheaper brands at the grocery store and putting back nonessential items, like snacks 
  • Over 45 percent are choosing not to dine out or are keeping a close eye on menu prices 
  • Eighty percent of Americans are changing their spending habits as food, gas, rent, and electric are all up 
  • Most blame Biden for inflation (60 percent) while 31 percent blame Russia 
  • On Wednesday, Biden said his hands were tied on inflation and said it was ‘not likely’ for Americans to see prices lower anytime soon 
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