Almost ALL Developed Nations Require Voter ID – Why Not the US?

by Mark Angelides

The idea that to ask voters to provide photographic identification to either register to vote or to actually vote is neither uncommon, nor new. It is a process used in most of the world’s developed nation. And the reason they do it is…To prevent Voter Fraud.
If a nation does not take its elections seriously, then it does not take the rights of its citizens seriously; consider that the UN actually has “vote checking” teams who oversee elections and electoral processes around the world because of the prevalence of attempted voter fraud and voter intimidation. Why then, does the US not consider this to be an issue?
Does the government (and departments of the government) think that US citizens are naturally more honest and upright than the folk of developing nations? Or are they fully aware that voter fraud takes place, but as the recipients of the benefits, are loathe to actually do anything?
Here’s a quick list of some of the nations that require photo ID either as standard or on demand: Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium and Ireland (there are more). And they all impose this rule because they want to preserve electoral integrity. In terms of a guaranteed “quick fix”, photo IDs are about the easiest to implement and have almost no cost to enforce.
When President Trump made his “hullabaloo” about dead folk voting for Hillary, he correctly quoted studies done by Pew Research (who really are the Gold Standard at this sort of thing), who suggested that up to 1.8 million voters are on the books who shouldn’t be. Trump suggested that these “people” actually voted. The MSM picked him up on it and went on to discredit his claims through sites like and Snopes. They proceeded to take apart his argument…but a closer look at their own arguments show that their rebuttals are flawed.
FactCheck for example, say;
In fact, voting experts we talked to pointed to numerous studies that have found such in-person voter fraud — the type of fraud Trump is alleging — is virtually nonexistent. A Government Accountability Office report released in October 2014 said that “no apparent cases of in-person voter impersonation [were] charged by DOJ’s Criminal Division or by U.S. Attorney’s offices anywhere in the United States from 2004 through July 3, 2014.”
Firstly, the “voting experts” they talked to were” Lorraine Minnite, a professor at Rutgers University and author of “The Myth of Voter Fraud.”” Now Lorraine has made her whole career on talking about how the voting system disenfranchises black folk and fighting SJW causes. Is she the most unbiased source they could find? Her “evidence” is this one sentence: “This issue of dead people voting is just not substantiated.” And there it is…Case closed!
If there are no investigations, then of course they are “unsubstantiated”. For example: “The issue of there NOT being invisible dragons in my kitchen is just not substantiated.” Her argument is poor at best and dishonest at worst.
Snopes actually does even worse. “To simplify his argument (which we encourage all to read in full), the Richman study failed to account for measurement error — specifically, it failed to account for the frequency with which survey respondents may have incorrectly identified themselves as “non-citizens””
So there argument is that Trumps (and Sean Spicer) were citing work that failed to take into account an extremely important “measurement error” that has been used to challenge the research. The “measurement error” was that the author failed to consider how many of the people who identified themselves as “non-citizens” could have done so incorrectly. That’s it! That’s all! Trump is wrong because the authors of the study didn’t consider that a large amount of their respondents might be too stupid to realize they were in fact US citizens.
It is all a sham. We need voter ID now to stop the travesty that is allowing fiends and predators to roam the corridors of power with impunity.

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13 thoughts on “Almost ALL Developed Nations Require Voter ID – Why Not the US?”

  1. Damn IWB, who votes matters NOT. It’s WHO & HOW the VOTES are counted! I think I read some time ago right here at IWB. That a company called Diebold and it’s PAPERLESS Voting systems can’t be verified or recounted. It’s privately held/owned Proprietary system and even the Govt. can’t have access to voter counts and have NO WAY of truly verifying results in realtime or anytime. Let alone do a recount.
    For ALL this hue and about voter fraud. I guess that means Trump truly is Illegitimate as OUR President. As he could only of won by OUT-Cheating Hillary the cheat. Thats the only logical conclusion in regards to this nonsense topic. He won , he must have been the better cheat! Maybe Trump owns some Diebold stock and Hillary doesn’t. Those 20 million “Illegals” must have switched to Trump as he did win. Yawn…..

        • Its WHO COUNTS the VOTES that matters. We did fine for 200 years or so without Voter Id. Or are you saying Trump won because he “Out cheated” The Cheat Hillary? That would make him an “illegitimate” winner then. Right?

          • I was in charge of all elections for a town in NH for 3 years. Every single voter had to be identified as a valid voter before they could vote. We have not been without voter ID for 200 years. No, Trump did not out cheat Hillary. Hillary and her goons cheated in every way they possibly could and still lost. Dems always cheat, always have. That is why they are so much against voter ID laws. That would greatly cut down on their cheating.

          • Wow, last 3 years? Really? Well, hardly makes you an expert. Been voting without anything more then signing next to my address since 1984. The irony ..1984? Where voter ID is taking Us.
            Hmmm, so you were using paper ballots? Thats the only way to keep hackers out and be able to conduct a recount/audit. We don’t need voter id, never have. He who counts the votes declares the winner. So Diebold has control of election results. GOP/Koch Bros. et al.
            You have access to the voter software to audit vote counts? Didn’t think so, because it’s proprietary code accessible only to Diebold et al. So, please explain how We the voters know our votes aren’t flipped? You can’t! Unless you work for Diebold.
            This whole Voter ID hysteria is a smoke screen to cover the lack of transparency and hackability in OUR current voting system. Jim Crow for everybody essentially. Even including Ann Coulter, there are very few REAL cases of voter fraud across the ENTIRE USA!
            Again, for this argument to have any validity. It would mean that Trump “out cheated” the Cheater Hillary to win. When looked at logically. Something Most voter ID supporters fail to or won’t do. Including you. TTFN.

          • The issue here is voter ID’s. The issue of electronic voting and who counts the votes is a totally different and unrelated issue. One does not affect the other. Personally, I do not think electronic voting should be used because of the very reason you mentioned. But, that has no impact, whatsoever, on voter ID’s. The reason for voter ID’s is to insure that only qualified people are actually doing the voting. I cannot understand why anyone would be against that unless they are wanting to cheat. And no, Trump did not out cheat the great cheater. If you take the votes by counties then Trump won 97% of the counties in the country. The only reason Clinton got the large number of votes she got is because of NY City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, plus a few other smaller places.

          • If the vote count CANNOT be verified, then it doesn’t matter WHO VOTES. Voter ID makes NO difference when you can’t VERIFY the vote count. Simply because it’s a paperless, proprietary Voting system. To which even OUR Govt. doesn’t have the keys to. Why is that?
            Again, It’s NOT WHO votes, but WHO COUNTS the votes that controls the outcome. If you can’t rap your head around that first. Your desire for voter ID makes little to no sense at all. Voter ID for All = Modern Jim Crow 1950’s voter suppression tactics.
            I digress, for you probably aren’t old enough to know much about the not so distant past. But the more I think about your responses. It would seem you are one of the many PAID Posters running rampant around the Intertubes. TTFN.

          • I am beginning to wonder if you are able to understand English. I made it very clear that I do not think that electronic voting should even be allowed. That would solve the problem of hacking, breakdowns, vote switching, etc. Only paper ballots should be used so votes can be verified. But, that still leaves the problem of imposters voting. That is why we need ID’s. Jim Crow tactics can be solved by voting station watchers, records reviews, etc.

  2. It is simple and inexpensive to get ID in the nations that require it to vote. Such requirements are not used to prevent people from voting. Unfortunately in the US where such ID is necessary in order to vote, such requirements are made expensive and difficult to achieve for many Americans. The rules are used to prevent people from voting. If you want to make ID a requirement to vote then also make it very easy and inexpensive to acquire.


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