Almost no one in Main Stream and Independent Media is telling you the truth about Iran

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by saman65

This is a long one. Read if you care enough. I’m not promising to say something outrageous. Just what I think, have seen and know. I refute more than a few lies that are told by MSM and independent Media.

Iran is a complex country, as I’m sure most countries are. There is this great video I recommend you all to watch it from this Amazing American dude who travels all around the world! Give it a chance!

I can go into how we were happily living under a secular democratic system for a short period of time after centuries of having a Kingdom and a dictator to rule us. I always wonder what could we achieve if we didn’t have oil, or if Musaddegh wasn’t as honorable as he was and would have become a friend to the west, negotiating on a deal that would have worked for both sides, even more for the US. I have pride but I would have wanted a good relation with the west even if that meant selling out our assets/resources to a foreign country for cheaper because the alternative has been misery for the majority of Iranians, especially in the last 15 years.

What I know is that we had a secular system, with laws based on humanity and ethics not some guy’s book from 1400 years ago who wasn’t even a Persian. Musaddegh didn’t sell out, he was toppled and Shah was installed. Shah did great things economically which in itself is a whole story but there were still many people living in poverty who didn’t like Shah living lavishly like a KING when they could barely afford a roof over their head.

He also oppressed religious minorities to some extent, banned headscarf and persecuted activists. Anyhow he fucked up and people believed and fell for right wing promise of a religious (and secular at the same time!) Mulla revolution that will bring oil money to everyone’s table, people, not only the ones in charge!

People believed in him, Khomeini, and it turned out his promise was a lie. The opposite happened. No one except the people in charge has seen any of that oil money in the past 4 decades

I come from a small town where all schools, hospital, roads, pipeline, and basically every bit of infrastructure are built by donations from a few wealthy and generous people we have.

Some facts that are barely discussed in English speaking forums. Like how 80-90% of people working for the regime and more important politicians have dual nationalities along with their spouses and kids. MANY from the US and Europe.

Ali Larijani who is the speaker of the Parliment, very anti American(politics)and also happens to be the Leader Khamenei’s son in Law, has a daughter who lives in Ohio and has finished her medical school there. So you see in the case of a war, almost none of them are gonna get hurt. Their families will be out of Iran in matter of days.

On the recent news and incident.

I have not seen many people in the west describing the situation in Iran correctly. Why? Well one because they are right to not believe the MSM and government’s narrative but none are talking to actual Iranians directly, neither pro Trump nor anti war people in the west.

Don’t take me and my stats for my word. What I have said or am saying could be asked from any Iranian. You can find hundreds of us on social media and more than a few know how to communicate basic messages in English. Just talk to them. I would suggest visiting our country to get the truth but at this time I don’t recommend it at all. Unless you are an activist. But it is still risky because you can’t really report the whole truth from there. The government would only allow half of it ( the part people being angry at the west, not the entire reality and the majority being angry at the government)

Pro government people are mourning his death and anti government people (the majority) are not. I can’t say what percentages of Iranians are unhappy with the government but I know for a fact that we are in the majority, well over 70% if you ask me. Among the younger generation, which are the majority of Iranians that number is well above 90%.

If these numbers seem irrational and unrealistic, look up and read the US’s congress and Senate’s approval rating. It isn’t any better.

The anti government portion is more worry of the possibility of a war because they don’t wanna die for a system they despise while pro government people are expecting demand a retaliation.

98% of people in the west are looking at this as it is a black or white situation while this couldn’t be any grayer.

Soleimani was fighting isis in Iraq (in itself a good thing ) in a war that again, the majority of Iranians don’t support. Iran’s alliance in Syria is of a diplomatic nature not based on humanity or saving people from isis or whatever.

Soleimani was also the guy in charge of repressing anti government protest in Iran for decades, including 2008 uprising over a rigged election ( it was actually funny how rigged it was but they still got away with it). Thousands of protesters were gunned down under his command. The protests about three months ago over gas prices hiking up also resulted in over 500 deaths. The sad part is both the left, right nor independent channels I watch and follow really reported on this topic.

If a war breaks out, the true victims of this situation are without a doubt the majority of Iranians, getting screwed by both the Iranian regime and US government, just as we are now.

The sanctions don’t hurt the rich or the government. It hurts the middle class and poor which consist the majority of Iranians.

Living expense has increased 3, 4 folds, while wages have doubled at max. Property value/rent has risen almost anywhere from 5-10 times, in response to our currency tanking over sanctions. The poor has become extremely poor and the middle class has become poor while the wealthy which owns property and materials like cars have become millionaires and the multi millionaires even wealthier!

The cheapest (one of the shittiest available) car made in Iran, Kia Pride, (a newer version an old Kia Pride model) goes for 70 M toman brand new. The same car was 6 million a decade ago. I remember it being 6 million since I was a kid and …. That’s where we are after 10 years of sanctions.

Ok I will end this rant now

Neither pro war nor anti war people in the US are right on their report of the situation.

pro war people:

Soleimani is bad (true but not for the reason they say. Edit: This is what I mean. I don’t believe he was going to harm Any American or as they say was involved in “an imminent threat.” I think Neocons wanted a provocation with Iran for a long time and … .

I’ve read the majority of American death attributed to him are from Iraq war time, 10 years ago. I believe he was capable of doing a lot of bad sh*t, or has done in the past and wish him and all criminals like him could face a judge and jury! I just don’t buy into what Pompeo and Trump say like I never liked Obama and Biden/Hillary.

This video is also very telling.

I remember watching this live like it was yesterday.

“I don’t like Assad at all but Assad is killing isis. Russia is killing isis and Iran is killing isis!” Trump 2016″

@ 1:25

And now suddenly Pompeo and Trump say he was the baddest guy in the world? Why didn’t they go after him in 2009,10… Every crime he is accused of comitting, Killing protesters in Iran and Americans in Iraq dates back to 2000s.

Iran government bad (true, but is US government doing anyone any good?)

95% want government gone: not really that high. Unfortunately US’s response and actions has given government more support no matter how much they suck. Trump killing Soleimani this way pushes people who are in the middle to the government’s side. So will a war. Saddam’s invasion with West’s “go ahead and blessing” only made the recently won revolution more popular, so will a war waged against a despised regime and forcing people to fight for a system that has oppressed them all their life, taking away the basic freedom and choices a human deserves.

I’d like to believe the regime doesn’t have more than 20% supports but I don’t have a number on that. It is hard to conduct independent surveys with the limited freedoms of speech and press we have. if you live among Iranians, it won’t take you more than a week to realize the majority want a total reform.

-90% would love us to bomb them!(false). Like I said, the Iranian civilians will pay the highest cost for that war. Looking at our neighbors, they don’t seem to be better off than they were before US’s invasion.

Anti war people:

-Soleimani was good (false. Fighting isis doesn’t make him a good guy! He wasn’t fighting them to defend his people, for a good cause even though he believed that. Iran’s fight against ISIS has nothing to do with what the majority of Iranians wanted).

-Iran government good: (false) Not all of them are pushing this narrative. Secular talk and Kim Iverson on youtube have both correctly reported that Iranians are very unhappy with their government. Yet 95% of the left, anti war voices on the right and independents who are calling out Trump on this ignore this part. I know why they are doing it though. One you agree with the CIA’s talking point that X is a bad guy, then they say “well we have to do something about it don’t we?” and many people with good intentions would think that’s the right thing to do! Manufacturing consent I suppose it is called. Or maybe I’m wrong. But in this case, the bad guy is really bad! I’m upset they don’t say it but what I care more is me, my relatives and my compatriots not getting bombed. So I’m thankful to every anti war voice on the left, right and independent, even if they are reporting what goes on inside Iran not accurately.

-The majority don’t want a war (true!) I don’t think this needs an explanation.

I’m personally not saddened even for a bit over Soleimani’s death news, but the possibility of a war has made me quit worry. I’ve always been afraid of war. Not dying in it but surviving it while many of the people I know and care for don’t.

My numbers are my opinions and what I perceive. I encourage everyone to their own research on the things they can find online and talk to Iranians, the one who live in Iran, if you want to know how they feel about this situation! You will find many people angry at the government who would love anything, including a war, as oppose to the current situation but the majority don’t want a war.

I’d like to leave it with a positive note which is a fact. Americans are probably the most liked nationality for Iranians. Again I encourage all you to watch Peter’s video on Iran. Take his word for it not mine

For me personally, the most welcoming and warm people I have met in my life have been Americans and I have lived a few countries.

This war isn’t between us, the people, but sadly it is us who have to fight the wars.

Forgive my grammar, spelling and poor writing skills.

If you really did read all of it, you really do give a sh*t. Thanks!


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