Almost The Entirety Of The Media Is A Psyop

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by LightBringerFlex

I studied the basics of media violence (both psychological and physical violence) extensively. Instead of explaining the nuts and bolts, I’ll just explain what certain media clips are aiming to do. Keep in mind that the Zionists own all the media circuits in the US and they have been coordinated by the Mossad, CIA, and other sinister agencies to ruin and demoralize the average citizen. They have been very successful only because this psyop has been going on for many decades now. The media psyop is basically a daily dose of poison to slowly poison the minds of Americans.
Here are some examples of what’s going on right before our very eyes and it is good to be able to identify the tricks:

  1. A show like Kardashians is clearly a psyop to disrupt the day to day relationships of the average citizen by depicting extremely violent behavior as some kind of norm. They also glamorize it like they have always glamorized violence to trick youngsters into thinking this is proper behavior. Violent media start on screen but then it goes into the minds of the masses and from there it hits the streets.

Violent Media —–> Mind of Masses ——–> Real Life
This is exactly how it works and why violent media is no laughing matter whether it be psychological violence or physical violence.

  1. Shoot em up video games are always 1 man with a gun fighting everyone. Everyone is the enemy. This time of media desensitizes people to pulling triggers and encourages aggressive approaches to resolving day to day people problems.
  2. The show West World is particular violent both psychologically and physically. Shows like this and Hannibal are mostly focused on increasing fear within the common citizen through entertainment. Fear tangles up the brain and so the more fear that is pumped in through media, the more dysfunctional the average citizen becomes.
  3. News agencies are always trying to create of sense of dire emergency to increase the fear load. Also, the way the journalists communicate is extremely abnormal. They speak at hyper speed, they hide all emotions, they seem pretty self-centered and assertive, ect.. This type of behavior is typical of selfish self-serving assholes. Again, they are trying to show you what successful people look like and how successful people act in hopes to trick you into acting the same way at work. I’m sure its extremely exhausting and it would most likely lead to many quarrels with co-workers which is good for TPTB because it helps separate us.
  4. Women’s magazines are simply designed to make women feel ugly so that they can purchase equipment to make them beautiful again.
  5. The news is also fully designed to create a false reality which is supposed to hide the real reality of what’s actually happening behind the scenes over in DC and beyond.
  6. Most all of the comedy sitcoms display extremely dysfunctional behavior where it is packaged as cute and funny behavior. They know exactly what they are doing with this one. Cute and funny behavior is one thing, but in the average comedy, almost every character on the show is extremely manipulative and insulting. These comedies might make us laugh but they leave a feeling of disgust in the end. Oddly enough, nobody gets into serious fights on comedy shows. These stupid bullyish behaviors are brought out into our reality where someone eventually angers another and starts a dispute that can sometimes go on for years. This is good for TPTB. The more divided we are, the weaker we become.
  7. Adult swim in its entirety is disturbing garbage at a whole new level. Comedies like this are sure to drive a fully normal person insane overtime.
  8. Prison shows are mostly to increase the feeling of fear against the government. Everyone knows prisons are modern day torture chambers and the government wants everyone to know how bad it really is inside. Instead of educational rehab centers, they throw people in a small monkey cage and humiliate them on live TV. Cop shows are mostly to intimidate the public and increase fear.
  9. Most all movies seem to have an egocentric hero. Egocentric is actually a negative orientation but since the hero is egocentric, it tricks the people into thinking the good guys are always egocentric. This is another subtle manipulation.
  10. Most anything concerning the powerful emotion of love is laid out in the cheesiest way possible to the point where its almost repulsive. It is very hard to find a good movie about love and that is intentional because love is the exact opposite of what TPTB want us to experience.
  11. A lot of music is bad. The beats and lyrics often talk about disturbing things in a fun way. Many rap songs, heavy metal songs, and pop songs are extremely disturbing or tend to promote an egocentric lifestyle. The reason the elite likes egocentric media is because it perfectly describes who they are. Egocentric people are only worried about self gain no matter who it hurts and they would rarely lift a finger for anyone outside of themselves. If our entire society behaves like this, the people will be separated and weak since a united people are extremely powerful.
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Many people who stopped watching MSM altogether swear up and down that they feel a whole lot better. This is because they are simply not being poisoned. The only solution to this problem is to not watch MSM and focus on media that can be self-selected like youtube videos. This way, the viewer gets to watch what they want and so are self-empowered not to poison themselves.
TPTP call media the “Great Power”. This conspiracy is one of the most underestimated ones in the country and the elite are liking this confusion. Every time we turn on the TV, we are falling right into their trap.
If anyone wants to learn more, pay attention to the behavior of the TV characters and try to identify the psychological violence that spews out of everyone’s mouth as it is presented in some sort of acceptable way. It is packaged in an attractive way to trick the common citizen into adopting this behavior, bring it into society, and further disrupt and divide humanity.
Does all this work? Yes, it works like a charm but if enough people know about it, they will immediately learn to be cautious. Ingesting media poison is very harmful. Intelligence is not a determiner of how media poison affects the mind. A full blown pHd can be mentally ruined by watching too much TV.
Once people learn to ingest media responsibly, the poison in the body of America will be greatly reduced which will further empower the people.


7 thoughts on “Almost The Entirety Of The Media Is A Psyop

  1. I must agree with the writer’s conclusions for the most part. However, I have not owned a tv for more than 14 of my 41 adult years. The author seems to have a headful of the crap. Obviously a youngster. By the way, the last time I used ect. instead of etc. was in junior high in the early seventies. Don’t be discouraged. We all learn at our own pace. Otherwise, a nice observation about tv and society.

    • Oh my god here we have yet another old fart who thinks that just because they’re old and don’t own a tv that they’re the chosen messiah of all mankind and have found the answers. A tv set is merely a screen monitor so don’t be frightened of them and aside from all that, without being aware of the media content they would be unqualified to speak on it, which is what you are – totally unqualified to comment. So get off your high horse and accept what this blog states as new information you need to know, rather than information you already know.

  2. I am not the first to say it, but “there is a reason why they call it ‘programing'”. I got rid of my TV a couple of decades ago and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The first week or two without TV is like going off any addiction, but if you make it through that, then you will be amazed at how much better you feel and think.
    Consider this. Humans have used spoken language for a long time, and our minds have adapted to realize that just because we hear someone tell us something, it does not have to be true. The person speaking to us may be lying. On the other hand, for all of human history, right up to the last couple of generations, if you SAW something, saw it with your own eyes, it was automatically (and correctly!) accepted as the truth. Today you can see movies and shows that depict anything that the CGI people can imagine. You can see Batman jump from a ten story building with nothing but the drag from his cape to slow him down as he lands on his feet and walks away! Even though on an intellectual level you know that the images you see are just imaginary, there is a deeper level of your psyche that sees those images and accepts them as being true. Long term consumption of horrific images and hateful ideas will damage a person just the same way that growing up in a war zone will damage a child. Those experiences kill compassion and promote psychopathology.
    Why would anyone want to promote psychopathology? Here is why. Our leaders, our politicians, many of our CEOs, are psychopaths. They do not understand compassion, loyalty, family bonds, common morality. All they understand is self interest. Those of us with simple human decency and ethical principles act in ways that psychopaths find completely incomprehensible. The more they can eradicate good people, the easier it is for the psychopaths to function and gain more and more control.
    Kill your TV. Kill your TV. KILL YOUR TV!

    • Well said. Psychopaths used to be called moral imbeciles, but for some reason they didn’t like that name, and wanted something more “edgy” and cool, and perhaps scary. Moral imbecile is more descriptive of the creatures who populate your “leadership.” You can see the jewish nature of psychology as they left psychopathy out of the DSM. Freud said, on his first trip to America: “I am bringing them the plague.” Happy mental health

  3. A poorly run psy-op by some low intellect thugs, thieves, con men and murderers, who you have elevated to the highest positions of government. Good work mooks.

    • Nonsense, it has worked very well up to now. It is developing and changing but still working well enough considering that billions still believe the shit they’re told and are conditioned to react in certain ways exactly as this blog post describes.

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