Always call before paying any medical bill received in the mail

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by cellcultured


Recently got a few cavities filled and paid my share of the costs up front and (I assumed) insurance took care of the rest. A month later, I get the EOBs from my insurance and a balance bill from the dentist’s office. The numbers didn’t match up at all; the dentist billed me for a $200 balance payment. So called the insurance first to see why that didn’t show in the EOB. They said that they paid all that they had to pay and they’ve recorded that I’ve paid all that I needed to as well. They told me to call the dentist’s office and either revise what they sent to them or reduce/remove those extra charges.

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I called the dentist’s office and at first they hemmed and hawed about some x-rays that were rejected by the insurance (nothing like this was mentioned by the insurance provider, I’d asked specifically if anything submitted was denied). They said the balance due is actually $100 and not $200. I said that’s still not good enough, my insurance has assured me that I don’t have to pay anything and that figure is nowhere in my EOB. They asked for a day to cross-check with the EOBs on file with them and call back later. Next day, I get a voicemail saying they reduced the balance due to $0.

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Always call. Be firm, yet polite.



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