Always check your paystubs

by DrinkinTheGoKu-laid​

I work for a company that has 2 locations. I would received 1 paycheque with all my hours combined into one.

One week I worked 50 hours & thought my OT pay was gonna be nice and juicy. When I got my cheque it was surprisingly lower than expected. I looked at my stub and noticed I was 7 hours short.

I asked my manager and she said finance made a mistake & would add 7 hours to my nezt paycheque. I asked to confirm those 7 hours would be 1.5x pay.

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Her answer was no. I didnt qualify for OT cuz I was split amongst 2 locations. Apparently this was a policy they’ve had with every employee who worked 2 locations.

Then my uncle informed me that what they said was illegal as I had 1 pay stub. If both locations were paying me separately then I technically wouldn’t be in OT. So I presented this information and when I told them they were breaking the law, they folded and paid me my OT. My coworkers who never spoke up were shocked as they missed years worth of OT.

Moral of the story: always check your paystubs & don’t be scared to ask questions. The finance department didn’t make a mistake, they were trying to avoid paying what I earned.

Then on the paid me 2 separate cheque’s for the different locations. & I happily refused OT every time I was asked.


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