Always get receipts and keep them stored properly when dealing with Cable companies.

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by KMoney911

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Last year I started new service for Spectrum cable, electing to install the equipment myself. They accidentally sent me two boxes of equipment. No big deal I thought and called in to ask what to do with the extra equipment. The representative said I could either deliver it to the office or put it in any (FedEx or UPS, can’t remember) drop box. I decided to deliver it since I was nearby, went to the counter handed it to the guy who sent me on my way.

I recently canceled my service and took my equipment in, 1 modem and 1 receiver. At the counter they asked about another receiver and I informed her I had already turned that in a year ago. She said they would do a search for it and it shouldn’t be a problem. I was still naive enough to believe it. At least I got a receipt this time and stored it safely.

A week later I get an email from support asking for my receipt showing that I returned the receiver. Of course I didn’t have this because when I dropped it off at the store the employee never opened it and checked me out. Though that’s exactly what would have happened if I put it in a drop box so how was I ever supposed to have a receipt? I called in and spoke to a representative who claimed to understand, she said she would make a note and to just send the receipt I had in and it would be taken care of.

I called in again today, after a week, to find that I was still being charged. I talked to the representative and explain my situation. I asked her how many receivers and modems Spectrum shows me receiving, 1 each. I ask how many it shows me returning, 1 each. So Spectrum doesn’t even have a record of the errant shipment to me, but had the receiver and modem in each box mixed up. That is probably what initiated the double shipment in the first place. After talking through all this with the representative she talks to her supervisor who is “sending it up the line” and I’ll get to hear back in 3-4 business days. Which is probably code word for I’m screwed but at least she was nice. I asked for all of this information emailed to me but they don’t do that and I can’t log into my account online anymore because it’s tied to the address. So I’m stuck with no trail or ability to prove my side.

The kicker in all this was that I was calling to make sure this was cleared up before starting new service at my new home. Now I will clearly never be using Spectrum and will be telling everyone I know to avoid. I know it’s a small consolation but at least I’m a bartender with a large enough audience to make myself feel better.

TL:DR Spectrum has made a bank error in their favor, I owe $108. I would be fine if I just got a receipt a year ago.


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