Amazon Becomes First Company in History to Lose $1 Trillion

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by Chris Black

For the record, $1 Trillion is 1000 Billion, just so you put things into perspective.

The entire protocol of publicly-traded companies has become bogged down with ridiculous speculation, mostly due to the free flow of money and people needing somewhere to park the dollars that are constantly losing value.

That said, losing $1 trillion in value is quite a thing.

Quite a thing indeed.

I think that wrecking the fortunes of billionaires is a lot more precarious for a government compared to messing with people’s money, and making them struggle to pay for food and gas.

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They can just tell the peasants that they don’t have money for basic needs “because reasons.” There is apparently no limit to what the modern American peasant will accept from the Democrat Party.

Rich people, however, are smarter and more engaged, and understand what is happening. They also have the ability to push back (at least in theory) through various means. Screwing over the wealthiest people in society is very bold.


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