Amazon Down 25% From Its Peak! GE Sinks 1 Year After Warren Buffett Sold All Shares!

Do you think GE will be bailed out eventually, or it will turn around on its own?

The stock market was up today but there were a couple stocks that continued to be under heavy pressure. Amazon has been the focus of attention for many, since it was up until recently such a great performer. GE’s stock is another interesting story because of an action they were forced to make to prevent the company from collapsing. Is there a future bailout coming?


Amazon is having its third straight day of losses

AMZN 1,530.42 -8.46 -0.55% :, Inc. – Yahoo Finance

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GE cuts dividend to just 1 cent after $22bn writedown

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GE shares hit 9-year low as Wall Street says cut may not be enough

GE’s gutted payout is the latest blow to dividend investing

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