Amazon granted patent for wristband that tracked workers’ location emitting pulse when wrong. Chinese track employees’ brainwaves

Last year an American company microchipped dozens of its workers. In a “chip party”, employees lined up to have a device implanted under the skin between their thumb and forefinger. At first, Todd Westby, the CEO of Three Square Market, thought only about five or six people would volunteer. But of the 90 people who work at the headquarters, 72 are now chipped..

The company has just launched a mobile phone app that pairs the chip with the phone’s GPS, enabling the implantee’s location to be tracked. Last week, it started using it with people released from prison on probation..

Amazon has been granted patents wristband that tracked workers’ locations and could “read” hand movements, emitting a pulse when they reach for wrong item..

Last week the Times reported that some Chinese companies are using sensors in helmets and hats to scan workers’ brainwaves and detect fatigue, stress and even emotions such as anger. It added that one electrical company uses brainwave scans to decide how many breaks workers get, and for how long..