Amazon has deleted all my reviews and banned me from reviewing.

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Your previous review of this product did not comply with our Customer Reviews Guidelines. Amazon does not permit reviews from customers whose relationship to the product or seller may be perceived as biased.

So this is the message that shows up when I try to review things now.
I buy a lot from Amazon and don’t really review everything. When I get bored I’ll go on and review a bunch of products. All my purchases are verified purchases. I don’t receive anything for free or at a discount. I don’t respond to any sellers when they try to email me fishing for a review. I just don’t get it.
The only reason for banning me that I can think of is that I am to articulate when writing reviews or maybe it’s the way I talk when reviewing a product.

For example;
I purchased this vacuum after my current one decided to stop working properly. To date this has done an amazing job. Its’ ability to reach under furniture was one of the features that I looked forward to the most. As an older man with arthritis it can be hard on the knees to get down on the floor to use a standard vacuum hose. With this machine I have the ability to eliminate the hassle. I tried asking my wife to vacuum, telling her it’s her job (as a joke). I will never do that again. LOL. Anyways, great product if you are looking for a simple, powerful vacuum that takes the burden off your body.

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Something like that. It baffles me that somehow being articulate and throwing in a joke or two is grounds for deleting all my reviews and banning me from future reviews.

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Just needed to vent about this. I hate being accused without having the ability to defend myself from their insanity.

Amazon caught selling access to delete reviews and promote products

Amazon said on Monday it was investigating suspected internal leaks of confidential information by its employees for bribes to remove fake reviews and other seller scams from its website.

Amazon employees are offering internal data and other classified information through intermediaries, to independent merchants selling their products on the site to help them boost sales in return for payments, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday, citing sources.

The practice, which is a violation of the company’s policy, is particularly strong in China, the report added, as the number of sellers there are soaring.

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