AMAZON Has More Than 100,000 Warehouse Robots… Latest Milestone: $800 Billion Market Value

The secret to stopping the robot apocalypse? Popcorn butter.

Amazon’s fleet of automated warehouse robots, now more than 100,000 machines strong, is working alongside human employees to help meet the e-commerce giant’s massive fulfillment demand.

The company’s robots carry inventory around massive warehouse floors, compiling all the items for a customer’s order and reducing the need for human interaction with the products. But the chief technologist of Amazon Robotics, Tye Brady, insists that these robots are enhancing human efficiencies rather than eliminating warehouse jobs.

Amazon has been going full steam ahead when it comes to hiring and now employs over 500,000 people. Brady views the robots as necessary to this growth. “When there are tens of thousands of orders going on simultaneously, you are getting beyond what a human can do,” he told the audience at MIT Technology Review’s first EmTech Next conference today.

Amazon’s Latest Milestone: An $800 Billion Market Value

just joined in the $800 billion market-cap club. Shares of the e-commerce giant climbed 1.4% to $1,665.27 on Monday, giving the company a market value of about $808 billion and bringing its increase for the year to 42%. The company took just 85 trading days to reach the $800 billion milestone after passing $700 billion in […]

Baby’s first word: ‘Alexa’…

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Mama, Dada . . . Alexa?

It’s not a classic “baby’s first word,” but it was 1-year-old Joe Brady’s pick.

The British baby was trying to activate Amazon’s virtual assistant, parents Lottie Ledger and Mark Brady tell Caters News Agency.

Joe was introduced to the device when he was an infant at his grandparents’ home in Gateshead, England.

“It was one of the few things he could get a reaction from at that time. Alexa would say ‘Sorry, I didn’t get that,’ ” Ledger, 21, tells Caters.

Joe heard his parents ask Alexa for help, and soon followed suit.


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