Amazon is pissed at Joe Biden: “We pay every cent owed. You spent 3 decades in the Senate & know that Congress wrote these tax laws to encourage companies to invest in the US economy. We have. 500k jobs w/ a min wage of $15/hr across 40 states. Assume your complaint is w/ the tax code, not Amazon.”

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Most leftists don’t understand economics. Even smart ones will pretend not to understand. They act like there is a magical source of money and goods that always produces regardless of human input, and the people that are rich and successful have simply blocked the rest of us from getting our share from the magical source. Therefore, if they just eliminate the successful/rich people, then EVERYONE can be rich and successful just through mere existence.

Amazon has put in the effort, ingenuity, and capital to create a successful business. In doing so, they have employed hundreds of thousands of people, providing them with a living and creating an enormous tax base for the government. These leftists pretend we can keep those societal benefits while taxing the companies that make them possible out of existence. They have the critical thinking skills of a 3 year old.


h/t SevenFootWeasel


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