Amazon says it now has more than 1 million employees has since expanded into almost every corner of the retail sector, ranging from its own line of clothing to grocery stores. Despite its rapid ascent, Amazon still has fewer workers than the nation’s biggest private employer, Walmart, which has 2.2 million global workers.

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After hiring 250,000 full-time and part-time workers in the quarter ended in September, Amazon has hired another 100,000 workers in October, he said. The jobs pay a minimum of $15 an hour and include benefits such as health insurance, retirement benefits and parental leave, he added.

This shows amazon hiring will continue as it keep building warehouses and invest in the delivery network. Amazon growth rate will continue as pandemic making more and more people shop online. After the past month drop from $3500 to around $3000, it is a good chance to buy and hold amazon stock for long term.


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