Amazon used their search for HQ2 locations to dominate the US economy for the forseeable future

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by surefire_inceligence


Amazon created this competition for their upcoming HQ2 location, ultimately picking New York City, and just outside of Washington D.C. So if they knew they were going to pick these already wealthy and developed cities, why dangle of prospect of jobs in front of places like Detroit, Gary, Indianapolis?

Because every single one of these cities was required to provide amazon with a wealth of information about the economic and population status of their cities in the application. The education rate within the city, the locations available for commercial development, the availability or lack there of for effective transit. These applications were large, extensive, and covered basically ever part of how you design a major metro center from the people to the businesses to the politics. Amazon knew they weren’t going to actually look at any cities other than probably the 5 largest population centers in the country. But by accepting these applications, they can now design an economic roadmap to dominate every US market over the next 30 years.

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If the United States wasn’t the purest form of corporatocracy in the world already, they certainly will be soon, thanks to every major city handing over every bit of info they could to try to win a fake prize.

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Amazon is going to use the massive data that they gained from lying to cities across the country about an economic opportunity. The cities gave it up willingly, in an effort to try to help find jobs for their population. In the long term, this available data will allow Amazon to dominate almost every market in the country and ruin any competition they could possibly run into.



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